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40k Challenge- TanksGiving Conversion Contest!

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Nov 14 2011

Well it’s not that far off really, time to get ready for the Spikey Bits Tanksgiving Conversion Contest!

What’s it all about you ask? Well you all have a couple of weeks, to convert up a tank and enter it to win a Baneblade Super-Heavy Tank!

But you’re not making just any tank my friends you get to convert up a SUPER BATTLE TANK.

You’ll have 2 months to convert up the most ridiculous tank using the old Vehicle Design Rules (VDR). Yep that’s right remember all that Gatling Long barreled Mega weapon ridiculousness from back in the day? Time have some fun again!

To get an idea of what to make, you can use Army Builder (or there is an online java VDR Builder) to compute the points for your Super Battle Tank.

There is however one minor catch. To enter you must be a follower of the blog (Spikey Bits), and submit your entry picture and stats to us by November 26th 2011. Please no painted model pics, unless accompanied by WIP shots and final pic before paint.

We’ll feature all the tanks shortly after that, and I’ll pick my favorites and put them up for voting.

The winner will get a shiny new Baneblade Super Heavy Tank (new on sprue) for their efforts!

Remember this is a conversion contest, so you get extra consideration for creativity and uniqueness. Painting while nice is not a factor.

So what are you waiting for? Start the brainstorming Tank Commander! -MBG


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