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HORDES TEASER: Domination is Almost Here!

Nov 8 2011

Here’s the last of the teasers from out good friends over at Privateer Press for the upcoming Domination book for Hordes. Lets go:

Road Hog
Minion Farrow Heavy Warbeast

Full Boar – This model can be forced during its activation to gain +2 SPD and Pathfinder for one turn but suffers d3 damage points.

Swamp Horror
Minion Gatorman Heavy Warbeast

Impervious Flesh – When this model is hit by a ranged attack, the attacker rolls one less damage die.

Last but not least, check out the theme list for Grayle the Farstrider:

~Enjoy, and have at it folks. Look for full reviews of Domination soon!  It should be hitting the shelves next week.

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