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Model Review: Kromlech Iron Shark Jet bike

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Nov 30 2011

I finally picked up on of Kromlech’s Iron Shark Jet Bikes.  Its a great kit, looks good and goes together well.

Note: I use my own scoring system for rating models.
1 toof -Far below average This product turned out to be a piece of junk.(rare)
2 teef – below average but not terrible. This product was a slight let down. (below average)
3 teef – Good, average, this product meets my expectations (average)
4 teef – superior to most of the products out there in either price, quality, etc this product goes above my expectations. (above average)
5 teef – Extremely high value or quality. This product blows me away. (rare)
So if I rate something a 3 that does not mean its bad, not good, etc.  That means it is on par with other kits out there, most likely on par with current GW kits, FW kits etc.  Also, keep in mind these are just my opinions and other may disagree with me which is fine.
Quality:  The craftsmanship is the same as most of the other Kromlech kits. Which, in my opinion, is above average.  There are rarely any mold lines to clean, few if any air bubbles, just all around good work.  Its also got a place under the front nose to mount an additional weapon if you so choose.  The existing Space Marine biker legs are a perfect fit as well.  There is also plenty of room for the back pack to fit nicely.
4 Teef

Value: It will cost you a bit more for this kit than the common plastic bike but it will be a nice addition and give your army a unique feel.  I think the money to quality is about right.
3 Teef

                                           Photo provided by: Dono1979
Look/Feel:  To be honest I wasn’t immediately sold on the look of the Iron Shark Jet Bike.  That’s probably because I am not a big marine player.  After looking at it with some marines it started to fit to me.  Its very sturdy looking and built to last, not be sleek and sharp looking; much like the marines.  So in that respect I think it actually is a great fit for a Space Marine army; a robust, blunt, sturdy instrument of war to smash your foes with.
3 teef

                                          Photo provided by: Dono1979

                                                        Photo provided by: Dono1979
Overall I like the kit and think its perfect for the player wanting to add a something a little different to their army.  I’ll be using mine in my Blood Angles as either bike or possibly counts as Land Speeders.  This kit can be purchsed from or directly from Kromlech on ebay, just search for Kromlech to find his ebay store.
Questions, Comments?  What do you think?

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