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WFB NEWS: Blood On the Badlands & Beastmen Beasties!

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Nov 27 2011

Look what dropped out of the sky with no notice – WFB Beastmen monsters, and a campaign book so secret even the GW website says you should go buy the latest White Dwarf to find out what is it …

… even though it comes out in one week. 

So is White Dwarf marketing material to sell GW products, or has the new secrecy policy turned GW products into tools to sell White Dwarf – I’m so confused?  Anyway onto the new goodies.

Blood in the Badlands $33

This 96-page full-colour hardback Warhammer Supplement contains rules for siege battles in Warhammer, underground battles, new scenarios, magic items and Cataclysm spells. It also has a full set of rules that can be used with the Mighty Empires expansion set.

Ghorgon/Cygor $53.75

Jabberslythe (finecast) $66

Doombull (finecast) $49.50


Mangler Squigs $57.75

~Some nice kits in there, and its nice to see Warhammer Siege updated after all these years.  Thoughts? 

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