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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 12/01/2011 – 12/08/2011

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Dec 10 2011

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Here is this week’s top 5!

The 11th Company – Episode 97

Highlights: This week the guys open up the show with their review of the War for Tots 2 tournament held at Hit Point Hobbies that they recently attended. They start off by telling the hilarious tale of getting to the tournament and beating their way through a 5K race. They then move on to talk about the tournament, and they discuss their lists and the results of the event, Neil pulled out a win, playing Pat in the final game! Next, in ‘Pat’s Corner’, Pat has an interview with Rob Madeley and they discuss his new 1850 Necron list, with some Spyder/Scarab farming and hoard Warriors. Next, Pat talked to Joseph the author of the Unorthodoxy blog and he and Pat discuss his new Necron list. Next up in ‘the List’, the guys built only one list this week, an all Heavy Weapons/Orders driven IG list. The in the ‘Community’ segment, Pat interviews the crew from the podcast Noobhammer, and Big Jim from Deepstrike Radio who talked about the latest update to Killzone. Next up in ‘Tactical Terrain’ this week Dave Symcox joins the cast from the podcast 40K UK. Dave starts off talking about his devastating IG list and then move on to discuss how he deploys and plays on in the different deployments. They also discuss how he plays on the terrain at Warhammer World and the terrain placement there for tournaments. To close out the show, the guys have another installment of ‘Ralph’ and this week discusses a different approach to combat Grey Knights through the durability of your army. This is not just a bunch of 2+ saves all over the board, more like a 10 man Plague Marine squad with T5 and Feel No Pain. To close out the segment, Neil and Steve discuss what it takes for Orks to Battle Grey Knights.

Opinion: Overall this was easily my favorite podcast of the week. I was almost in tears as I hear the tale of getting to the ‘War for Tots 2’ tournament and Pat’s ‘Win at all Cost’ attitude fun. I absolutely loved hearing from not one but two people taking Necrons seriously and their competitive builds. Big Jim was of course welcome, and Dave was another great interview. And to top it all off, the ‘Ralph’ segment is just out standing! Overall, outstanding work guys!

The Heroic 28s – Episode 24

Highlights: This week is all about Necrons! They guys open up the show with what they have been doing in the past few weeks and discuss the games they have played. There was some good discussion in here about the Chaos Legions Rumors out there as well as talking about the new army Mega Forces. Next up, the guys start there full, in-depth and comprehensive review of the Necron Codex. They start off talking about some of the new or changed rules added to the Necrons, like Living Metal and Entropic Strike. They then moved on to discuss the top HQ choices from the codex and how they will affect the game of 40K, and some of their fun Special Rules. They also spend some time talking about all of the fun of the Royal Court and what you can do with them. They move on to discuss the Elites and some of the units and tactics available here. They give an in-depth review of each unit and talk about their viability on the table. They then talked at length about the C’Tan shards and all of the fun that they bring to the table, and also talked a great deal about the Triarch Stalkers as the best two units in this section. After a short break, the guys break into the Troops section, discussing some of the changes made to the units and the new Transports that they can bring with them. They then moved on to talk about the Fast Attack choices, focusing mostly on the Wraiths and the lovely Scarab Swarms. Next up they talked about the Heavy Support, discussing some of the interesting stuff with the Doom Scythe and the model of the Spyder. They close out the segment talking about how to play the new Necrons and what builds they believe that they will see the most. They close out the show by talking about their upcoming one year anniversary show!

Opinion: This was really a top-notch review of Codex Necrons. I completely enjoyed the entire show as the guys did one of the better reviews of this new army. I loved the ideas that they had, some of the tactics I had not thought of, and their army lists sounded like a lot of fun to run. Overall, a great show guys!

40K UK – Episode 33 ***Explicit***

Highlights: This week is all about the 1750 ‘Rolling Thunder’ tournament hosted by the ‘Roll with it’ gaming club that most of the cast recently attended. The boys open up by talking about the missions and time for the event. They then move on to discuss their lists in detail and their first round games and their results. They move on to round 2 and discuss their opponent’s lists, their strategies, and the results of that game. After that, Dave had some interviews with his opponent from the second round. Following this the guys move on to their round three evaluations and Dave has an interview with Nathan’s third round opponent, Kiran Reddy of the show. After some discussion of the evening’s antics, the boys moved on to discuss day two, starting with round 4. Dave also had an interview with Gary Morgan his 4th round opponent and they discuss his list and the game they played. The guys then talked about the round 5 performances and discuss some of the lists that they faced. Dave followed this up with an interview with his opponent, Paul Crogham. The guys close out the show by talking about the 6th and final game of the tournament, discussing how they finished out at this event.

Opinion: This was a pretty good show overall. Like their previous shows dedicated to a particular tournament that is all they discuss for the entire show, as they go into great details about the battles they had. There were loads of good tips and tactics to be found throughout this show, so I’d recommend this one guys! Good work!


The Overlords – Episode 77

Highlights: This week the show has a packed house full of hosts (some not in the best of health, get well soon Jon). They open up the show with some news, discussing Christmas shipping, new Forgeworld releases, and more. They then move on to local Overlord news and contest winners, and this rolled into what they have been doing this week in the hobby and gaming. Next up in Steve’s Round Table, the guys get back to ‘Controlling the Game Table’ and they go into some specific examples of how armies can control the board to their advantage. Then, in ‘Commissar Random’s Uplifting Primer’, the boys get back to talking about Necrons. They discuss some of the game they have been playing with the new Necron Codex and what they like about it. There is a ton of great Necron conversation here, too much to mention. They close out the show with ‘Dagmire’s Tavern’, as Dags has an interview with Andy from 4TK gaming. They discuss a bit about Andy’s gaming background and how he got into the hobby. They move on to talk about the 4TK gaming club itself and the store that they play in. They also discuss the building of their gaming club.

Opinion: A good show this week, as always. I personally have enjoyed their take on the Necrons, and to hear them after a few games was really interesting. I have to say, I am really looking forward to Ciaran’s review as he has some really intriguing ideas I’d like to hear more of! Overall, a good show, nice work guys!

Turn 8 – Episode 12

Highlights: This week Rich, Opy, and Bill are joined by Mike as they rundown Codex Necrons. They run a few segments short this week to make more room for more Necron talk. They start off by talking about what they have been doing lately in the hobby, which included painting and building new terrain. Next up in the Codex Breakdown, the boys do Part 1 of the review of the Necron Codex. They start off by discussing the new rules first, including the Reanimation Protocol, Ever Living and more. They then move on to discuss the non-named HQ choices from the codex and the changes made there. They then discuss the Troops choices and their dedicated transports, including the fun of the Command Barge. They break up the action some but moving on to the Battle Report. This week was a 1500 point Necron vs. Eldar battle, with Kill Point and Dawn of war. The players in the match discuss their lists and tactics to their army. Next was the dramatization of this great battle as the host told the tale of this battle. They followed up the battle report with some post game reporting, discussing where they felt things went right or wrong for each army. They then close out the show but finishing off their Codex Breakdown of the Necron Codex, Part 2. They open up with the Elites slots and discuss all of the fun that is hidden there. They continue on with the Fast Attacks and have some fun with the Tomb Blades, and then move on to the Heavy Supports. They close out the show with a review of the Necron Special Characters, hitting really hard on Imotehk, as well as the Anrakyr the Traveler and Vargard Obyron.

Opinion: Overall I really enjoyed this podcast. I still feel that the guys really have something special on their hands here with the dramatizations of their battle. They do a great job of drawing you into the story of the battle. Not to mention that their coverage of the Necron Codex was outstanding. Great show guys, keep it up!

Honorable Mentions – All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:


40K Radio – Episode 32 ***Explicit*** – Christmas Episode packed with special guests!

Screaming Heretic – Episode 15 ***Explicit*** – Kiss My List, Girls on Gaming, and Thunder Cav Review

Life After the Cover Save – Episode 40 ***Explicit*** – Megaforce Breakdowns!

Jaded Gamercast – Episode 58 ***Explicit*** – Black Library Book Reviews

Signals from the Frontline – Episode 10 ***Explicit*** – Greek 40K Article and Necron Scarab Farm

So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and let me know about it. Also you can find me on My YouTube Channel for Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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