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WFB Open Thread: What’s the Issue with Warhammer Fantasy?

Dec 27 2011

Yet again, Games Workshop has unveiled an AMAZING new model for a Warhammer Fantasy range; and the reaction is also the same…

Over and over, from the Arachnaroc Spider, to the NecroSphinx, to the new Vampire Counts Mortis Engine, the reaction is the same from both players and retailers I talk to.  It goes something like this:

“Did you see that new model?
Yes, its AMAZING!
Are you going to start a new army?
Almost, its still WFB 8th – so no.
But you like the minis right?
Of course, some of the best GW has ever put out, they are sooo amazing
Still, no”

Which begs today’s open question?  What did 8th Edition do to so irritate the playerbase?  I’ve heard several folks in the industry offer up opinions, but now its your turn?  What gives – because it’s certainly not the models.  If anything Games Workshop seems hellbent on throwing amazing model atop amazing model to keep Fantasy going strong, but it does seem to be a bit of an uphill battle that Warhammer 40,000 isnt.

Age of system, player fatigue, theme, barrier to entry, cost, other, all of the the above, none of the above?

The floor is yours…

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