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40K Knowledge Bomb: So You Think You Get Cover, Huh?

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Jan 13 2012

MBG here with a new segment called Knowledge Bomb, where I go over some rules clarifications and “gotchas” for 5th Edition.

I realize that there may only be less than a year left for this rules set, but there is still tons of time for gaming!

Not to mention a few big tournaments left to attend as well.  So let’s get to it shall we?

Today im going to chat a little about cover- not the normal “cut and dry” cover that we deal with in every day, this cover is more sneaky.

You remember that “stealth” universal special rule (USR)? It gives models with this ability +1 to their cover save, which is great for like fortifying ruins with Techmarines and casting shrouding on stuff in there to get a 3+ cover right?

But what it’s not good for is being in the open.  For instance you can’t get +1 to you cover save if you are in the open (because you’re not getting a cover save to start with so there is nothing to give +1 to).

Which means that casting Shrouding on a Stormraven in the open that hasn’t gone flat out does not give you a 6+ cover save, lol.

Don’t get me wrong its great for casting on a ‘raven that’s gone fast so it gets a 3+ cover save, but eventually its payload has to get out. Which means it will be going slower and getting no save.

(Editor’s Note: according to Shrouding you do indeed always get a 6+ save as part of it’s wording, but you get the general point that it would not work if that clarification was not made.)


The new craze of Necrons, Scarabs, do not benefit from stealth either in the open- which has been shocking the heck out of local players when I tell them that. Sorry they are still squishy guys.

So after all that- the trick was showing everyone where this rule was, cause lets face it sometimes rules are hard to find, lol. “But I know I read that” turns into, “Oh I guess that was last edition” sometimes.

The stealth rule clarification was actually shown to me, as it was hiding deep in the 40k Rulebook FAQ from this summer.

So keep this in mind when playing your games for the next few months, Stealth doesn’t work in the open, RAW.

Anyone have any other good Stealth USR examples, drop a comment! 

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