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40K NEWS: Necron (and other 40k) FAQs Updated

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Jan 16 2012

Well done Games Workshop. The new FAQ release isn’t too bad in terms of time taken but you’ve actually answered for the most part, the relevant questions and answered them correclty. And it’s not a Marine book. Lets look!

I’ve done a quick review of some of the major changes already on 3++ is the new black which has some nice conversation going in relation to what’s been changed but let’s look a bit more in-depth at both Necrons and the other armies.

The Scarab conga line (and potential to do so with Ghost Ark’s repair Barge) has been given a nice swift kick in the butt. There are still tactical applications in being able to extend a unit’s influence by 2″ (coherency) plus base width but not brain dead easy applications of silly where you swarm an opponent with 39 Scarabs Turn 1 and have a relatively poor army backing it up.

Speaking of Scarabs, for any of those confused on how Entropic Strike worked in relation to timing of vehicle penetration, it’s been cleared up. It happens before and any units striking at the same time or after the units with Entropic Strike will benefit from the reduced AV. Against squadrons the spread of Entropic Strikes is done so equally across all vehicles in the squadron with the controlling player allocating any excess.

Stormlord’s Nightfight storm has been properly sorted out. Yes he can end it voluntarily, no if you use a Solar Pulse to stop it you do not get benefits from it and yes chronometion can be used as a re-roll on it if they are in the same unit together.

Which brings us to the Royal Court where I am very happy to report…everything was done right. Multiple Harbringers of the same type are allowed but only one of each unique wargear is allowed per court and you can mix Harbringers in Courts. Furthermore, if you have two Courts, you can assign one model from each Court to the same unit. 10x Crypteks is possible without having Cryptek units.

Quantum shielding has also been tidied up for any confused there – lance weapons still hit it at AV12 and you only lose Quantum shielding after a successful penetrating hit on the damage table (i.e. passed cover saves on penetrating hits keep quantum shielding going). Arcing from Tesla destructors was cleared up – you have to hit at least once, the unit must be alive for arcing to happen and arcing in terms of cover and vehicle facings happens from the firer’s point of view.

Deathmarks and their interactions with Independent Characters on the Necron’s and opponent’s side have been clarified as well – specifically, if an opposing IC is picked in relation to Hunters from Hyperspace, any unit it joins will be wounded on a 2+ as well.

The relationship between Writhing Worldscape and ‘counts-as’ terrain has been cleared up. If it counts-as terrain it is…shockingly, terrain. This means Writhing Worldscape works in conjunction with Tremor Staves and Orikan so go nuts with that expensive option!

Everything else was pretty basic I think for the Necron FAQ and off the top of my head I cannot think of anything else I needed answered though I’m sure some people would have preferred to have Entropic Strike and FNP cleared up (yes you lose your armor save even if you pass your FNP).


So onto the fun tidbits from other armies!


Tyranids haven’t been un-screwed but Hive Guard now only have cover against them when one is in terrain or up against it (so no cover from smoke or moving fast) – nice for them to be more effective.  Shadow in the Warp now affects models in transports as well – yay for one minor un-screw up.

Marines & Blood Angels

Combat squads have again been clarified – you choose to do so at deployment or as you come on from reserves though oddly the wording screws up with deployment during Dawn of War as apparently they count as a single unit deploying. Man Games Workshop *sigh*. Blood Lance does NOT need to roll to hit and the Priest within the Honor Guard squad cannot take extra wargear. Finally got those answered.


Fire Frenzy for Dreads? Limited to 45 degree arc. Does the Internet believe us who have been saying that now? Lash has to roll to hit – poor Chaos and to add further insult to injury, Warptime is a re-roll for all dice rather than just the fails.


Dark Eldar

Wyches do not get a 4++ against exploding vehicles in combat – Haywires please don’t penetrate. Flickerfield saves cannot be taken against dangerous terrain tests.


Star Engines do not allow tank shocks or rams during the shooting phase – another age old question finally definitively answered.

Grey Knights

Rending’s +D3 for the Vindicare’s turbo-penetrator round is added to the total to determine whether or not a vehicle has been penetrated.

Imperial Guard

Platoons are clarified to be deployed as one whole unit during Dawn of War and one die is rolled for them in relation to reserves. Techpriests are brought in line in relation to allowing only one repair a turn and can repair from inside a vehicle. Weaken resolve can target enemy units in combat – nice. Priests and Enginseers can be the mandatory HQ choice – kinda useful?



Trukks do generate area terrain on a KABOOM result.

Space Wolves

Jaws of the World Wolf does not need a roll to hit.

Phew! That was extensive. There were more changes and tweaks but these were the major ones with such questions often being raised or being actually changes in how the ruling worked. Games Workshop gets two big thumbs up from me in relation to this though I still wish they would overturn more silly rulings (Tyranids), use the erratas to do more drastic changes (like what they did with Black Templars and Dark Angels) and keep these documents updated at least quarterly. Regardless, they’ve done a nice job (except with Chaos) and put another penny in the good will bank.

~Tau and Black Templars weren’t updated however… sign of what’s to come?

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