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40K On a Budget – Cheap Ass Space Marines

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Jan 6 2012

We all say Warhammer 40000 is super pricy, so I threw down the Gauntlet to some of our tournament ringers – Build a lean and mean army as effective on the tabletop as it is easy on the wallet. Lets look at Space Marines first.

First some ground rules.  We targetted 1850pts, and all prices are full retail (plus any required bitz).

First out of the gate was American ETC Team Captain Ben Mohlie (Spacecurves).  He threw down this tournament winning Space Marines list:

The only thing special you need to collect this is two Black Reach Dreadnoughts readily available from Bits companies for about $20 apiece.  Other than that its all straight off the shelf boxes and blisters.

2xBlack Reach Dreads
Terminator Assault Squad
3x Tactical Squads
3x Rhinos
2 Land Speeders
Land Raider

The total damage comes out to $469.25 full retail.  Not too bad for a balanced, mobile Vulkan list that can beat all comers (and has).

We will have more of these real money optimized lists in the weeks ahead, but with a little forethought and planning, you too don’t have to break the bank to break into the winner’s circle.  I hear there are some absolute power steals to be had from the Grey Knight codex.

So what effective and cost-optimized lists can you come up with?  Share please. 


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