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Goatboy – It’s a New Year!

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Jan 2 2012

Goatboy here again – looking at starting a New Year of wargaming and fun. So with that in mind I have decided to go ahead and write up a list of things I want to see this next year in myself as well as in the game itself. So with that in mind – Let’s Kung Fu!

1. Finally paint myself a new Xenos army. Its time to go past power armor jerks. I have had pieces for at least 2 Xenos armies this last year and only got out of the initial paint design stage. It wasn’t an issue of not liking the test paint scheme it was just the lack of drive to finish it. I guess it didn’t help that I had two clients come right when the books hit for those two armies, but still I ended up sitting on a lot of minis and just started to sell/trade them off. I hope this next Xenos codex will catch my attention. The Tau rumors are sounding neat (I love armies that allow for Force Org tweaks). I don’t think Eldar fit my style so I doubt I will do them. I just hope Tau are interesting enough to keep the upcoming Chaos release from taking over my life. If not then I will just have to wait for a redone Ork codex that makes me paint up a ton of new green skins.

2. Strive to become a better player with less min/max armies. I know that I am one of the kings/queens of the efficient army build but it is time I tried to win with some odd bits. There are a lot of players (JWolf and Courtney from Da Boyz comes to mind) that kick butt with unoptimized lists and I think it speaks volumes on how they look at the game in a different light. So my thoughts would be to try and get into that mind set and hopefully elevate my game. Of course it helps that when 6th comes out we will all be set back at the bottom of the food chain and will all be looking for methods of opponent destruction.

3. Try to go to some of the other events this next year. Going to these Indy GT’s is the one way we can continue to make this game strong. I know the tournament scene isn’t for everyone but the idea of getting together and talking about this game is some of the best times I have had during the year. I want to make the Nova this year and will be a judge at WarGamesCon as well as some other events as I have more vacation time and a better work schedule that will allow me to get out and on a flight easier.

4. I want to finish up a bunch of art projects. I have been drawing the Primarchs and I need to finish coloring all those fat headed jerks. From there I have a small comic book thing I want to get a bunch done and hopefully release it at some point. It might be a junky photocopy but I want to get something done. This year Plastic Dudesmen will hit 52 comics. And will see it hit 52 more the next year. The train is not stopping muhahahahha. Mix that in with some logo designs and blog titles and I hope my year is full of paper, pens, and Photoshop coloring.

5. Really do the weight loss. I have had enough jokes of my chunky body (calling the kettle black) so I need to drop some weight. Plus I need to fit in more of my blouses heh. But really we all need to get healthier and just be better. So first the soda needs to go and then the Sadness Donuts. Lucky for me I don’t drink too much. I lost some weight last year but Xmas and Thanksgiving and well – food got the better of me at the end of the year.

6. Finally I want to get a new tattoo. I know they are not for everyone, but it has been too long since I have added to my crazy robot/tentacle/explosion thing on one of my arms. I drew a small rendition on the infamous Dudesmen comic and I think this arm needs more permanent love. I need to design a Space Goats symbol and I keep thinking of getting that on my leg as it is easy to hide. I just need to get some ink damnit!

That is it for now – I am sure more will pop up during the year and other things will get dumped off. It is the way of life as we constantly move in and out of proclamations and damnations. What kind of things are you looking forward to this next year? Any plans you feel like doing this next year? Toy Army thoughts?

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