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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 1/20/2012 – 1/26/2012

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Jan 28 2012

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”

Here is this week’s top 5!

The 11th Company – Episode 103

Highlights: This week the guys open up the show with a report from the latest RTT that they attended. They went to a 2500 point event at the Gamers Guild using this years ‘Ard Boyz final missions. Neil took Grey Knights with two massive Death Cult squads and went 3-0, Pat took his Daemons and went 2-1, and Steven took his new IG army and went 3-0, though no one mentioned where they finished at the event. Next up in ‘Pat’s Corner’, Pat had an interview with Greg Sparks and they talk about his Foot Eldar list and what it takes to truly learn the list, and how to use it. They then move into a more detailed look at his current tournament foot Eldar list. He also talks about playing against the great beast that is Grey Knights. Pat then has an interview with Chris Alessi who is currently ranked 11th in the USA on RankingsHQ and he talks about his current Imperial Guard list. This list is a bit different than your stock ‘leafblower’ list, and he and Pat go over the list and talk about the tactics he uses with it. Next up was the community segment, where we heard from multiple upcoming 40K events! Then, in the ‘40K Misc.’ segment, the boys are talking FAQs! They hit on some of the big ones first and focused on the main rulebook and using fire point to draw line of sight. This ruling is huge! They also talked about the clarification of Combat Squads and deployment; Black Templars get a nerf, and the ‘Line’ template. CSM got the Warptime nerf, Eldar cannot tank-shock with Star Engines, and IG Manticore only has one weapon to destroy and two full infantry platoons in Dawn of War. Tyranids got a bump up with Shadow of the Warp, and then they moved on to the Necron FAQ. First, big news is that Tesla Weapons and cover saves have been resolved, Entropic Strike happens and then armor pen happens, and members from two different Royal Courts can join the same unit. And it appears that Anrakyr can not use his ability out of a Command Barge. To close out the show, Pat has another Black Library book review and this week is a set of two paperback books and one audio drama by James Swallow, Faith and Fire, Hammer and Anvil, and Red and Black. MarkDawg from the Overlord also joins Pat to review the audio drama Dead in the Water.

Opinion: What an outstanding show this week was, and easily my favorite for the week! I have been waiting on the guys’ opinion of the new wave of FAQs, especially the Necron one. Greg Sparks was a great interview, and even the coverage of the Black Library books was great. Overall, a great show guys!

40K UK – Episode 40 ***Explicit***

Highlights: This show is completely dedicated to the UK Masters aftermath. After some announcements, the boys issue an apology for the eating and ringtones on the show before moving on to covering their games at the UK Masters. In the ‘Tournament Report’, Dave and Nate go over all of their six games played at the UK Masters. They open up with an overview of the event itself, and how exhausting it turned out to be. They reviewed how the event was laid out, with two different point values and randomly rolled missions. The guys then recap the lists that they brought to the event, and moved on to recant the tales of their epic games, including a Dave battling a WAAC Eldar player! After a review of their first games, the boys interviewed some of their opponents from round one. Round two Dave and Nathan played each other, and they discussed their great battle against each other. They then move on to talk about their third and final games of the day, Where Nathan played his brother’s Grey Knights and Dave played Neil Kerr’s Paladin list. After that, the boys had some interviews with their third round tournament opponents and they discuss the outcomes of their games. After talking about some pub stories of that night, the boys moved on to talk about day two, game four. Nathan played a hoard order player and Dave did battle with Josh’s Paladin list, and it was followed up by another interview. Game five the matches dropped down to the 1500 point lists and Nathan played another Grey Knights player and Dave, conscious of his current standings in the tournament, played yet another Grey Knights player. The boys then discuss their sixth and final game at the UK Masters, open with the special mission for this final game. They close out the show with a rundown of how everyone finished the event, and Dave did pretty well, but Necrons won the day!

Opinion: This was a great show overall, I really liked the rundowns of the games and their coverage of this elite event overall. I even accept their pledge to no long eat on the show! Great work guys!

The Independent Characters – Episode 46

Highlights: This show is dedicated to Imperial Armor 11: The Doom of Mymeara! The boys are joined by special guest Lars and open up the show with what they have been doing lately in the Hobby and in Gaming in ‘the Workbench’. The next segment is the main segment of the show where the boys talk about Imperial Armor 11: The Doom of Mymeara. They start by giving their overall impressions of the look and feel of the book, including some highlights of what they liked that was introduced in the book. They point out everything from the new feel of the graphic designs, to the layout of the book, to the amazing artwork. They then move on to talk about the story of the book, and they detail out the system where this book happens, from the highly radioactive blue star at the center of the system to the key planets involved in the combat, and how the Eldar came into all of this mess. They then move on to talk about the opening parts of the battle and how it escalated into a full blown conflict as the Space Wolves arrive. They also discuss the end of the story and their feelings that it needed a more Eldar point of view. In the next segment, the boys break down the ‘crunch’ of the book, where they review each of the new units added to the game from this book, opening up talking about some of the new Imperial Guard units that were repeated in this book. Next up, they go over the Space Wolves listing in the book, including Wolf Lord Bran Redmaw! They then move on to the Eldar additions in the book, starting with the new Aspect Warriors, the Shadow Spectres and moving on to some of the Special Characters and the Eldar Corsairs lists. They also went over all of the new Craftworld choices found in this book as well. They then discuss some of the formation rules that are found in this book, for each army. They finish off this segment with their overall thoughts on the book and their rating and recommendations. Next up, Carl had an interview with Reese from Frontline Gaming and they discuss the Bay Area Open. Reese goes on to give the full details of their tournament events and all of the 40K tournaments that are open. They also discuss the Frontline Gaming group and their store and services. They also talked about the ‘Signals from the Frontline’ podcast and their different format. To close out the show, the guys talk to Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures and they talk about the service that they offer.

Opinion: These guys have never disappointed me on a review of an Imperial Armor book, and this podcast is not exception. They is no way to rate the outstanding coverage they gave of this book, the story, and the units held within. I would recommend you check this one out for yourself. Great work guys!


The Heroic 28s – Episode 27
Highlights: The boys open up the show with what they have been doing lately in the hobby, and this included a lot of non-40K building and painting. Aside from the FAQs and the 6th Edition leak, the news was sort of light save for new GW paint pots. They finish off the first segment with some announces for the show. They move on to their second segment where they explore the latest round of GW FAQs and they opened up by talking about some of the interesting twists of the Chaos Space Marine codex. The Tyranids got a bump up with Shadow of the Warp, and the myriad of Space Marine Chapter updates. There is some great debate on some of the Eldar new rules as well. They then do a quick overview of each army’s FAQ, making sure to highlight the biggest changes to their respective codices. They also went pretty in-depth with the Necron Codex FAQs and how it had cleared up quite a few questions. In the next segment, the guys go into the leaked 6th Edition rule set. They start of by talking about if they believe this to be legitimate or not, and what the evidence is pointing to. They then start by talking about some of the new additions to 40K that could be coming, including the new ‘To Hit’ rules, and ‘Evasion Values’. They also get into the multiple levels of play that this rule set introduced, from beginner to seasoned vets. They move on to talk about what they really like about these new rules and the things that they did not care for as much, and what will change the game the most. In the next segment, Sandman Mike leads a discussion on the tactical uses of Rhinos, Razorbacks, and Chimeras. He starts off talking about how he equips his Razorbacks and what he fells is more point efficient. He also discusses the proper way to use a Razorback over a Rhino, which is shooting; advancing is more the job of a Rhino. In the next segment, Cowboy Kenny leads a discussion about dipping your models for fast shading. He discusses the technique itself and details how to do it and what benefits it can have on your models. This is a fast way for you to get an army tabletop ready. They also give out a lot of tips for using some of the professional washes, and the old ‘Minwax’ method as well, including the brush on method and the dip and flick method. To close out the show, the guys discuss their hobby goals for the next two weeks, this includes models painted and built.

Opinion: This was a great show, it had everything! They discussed the new FAQs, The Necron FAQ, the leaked 6th Edition rule set, and some great hobby advice and more. Overall, this is was an awesome show that I’d recommend to everyone! Great work guys!

Deepstrike Radio – Episode 29

Highlights: The boys open up the show with what they have been up to lately in gaming and the hobby, Chase is working on Necrons and the 6th Edition rules leak, Big Jim is playing a ton of 40K, and Chris as painting up a storm, air brush style! Next, the boys move on to the news where they covered the 6th Edition Leak, hoax or not? Max Mini has some new gothic modes out and a Greater Plaguebringer. They also go over some of the new releases coming out from the Black Library. Next up in the Librarius, the guys review the Craftworld Ulthwe backstory and fluff. The Ulthwe are a very Psyker heavy Craftworld that do not utilize the Aspect Warriors nearly as much as others. They are one of the first original Craftworlds introduced by Games Workshop, and they are currently stuck near the Eye of Terror and despise Chaos. They also talk about the Ulthwe Black Guardians and the Seer Council, their stories and how they used to run in previous editions. The then talk about Eldrad, the man, the myth, the legend: They talk about his full backstory, where he came into play and why he has been so import to the Ulthwe! They then go over some of the major conflicts that the Eldar have been involved it, and some of the conflict they caused to save their race. Next up in ‘The Armory’, the boys build 40K list to fit the story of Craftworld Ulthwe. Chris starts off with a guardian heavy 1500 point list. Big Jim builds a more themed 1850 Point list, led by Eldrad along with an Avatar and a lot of Storm Guardians. Chase built a 2000 point Jet Bike Seer Council list, using some additions from the Imperial Armor books. Next up in the ‘Hobby Trenches’, the boys have a conversation about preparing for a new edition of the game. What do you add to your army, if you want to start a new army, how will you do so. They cover some purchases that you might want to avoid, and some tactics to being ready for that new edition of game that might change how your army works. To close out the show, in the ‘Briefing Room’ the guys have a brief conversation about creating your own Space Marine chapter, with some great ideas on dos and don’ts. They also go over some ideas about chapter symbols and pain schemes. They then talk about creating a back story for your chapter, who are they and where did they come from?

Opinion: Outstanding show guys, really! I have grown to love their army reviews as each time I feel more enlightened to the full back story of the game I love. And these guys do it like no one else! Great show, great work guys!

Honorable Mentions – All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:

The Overlords – Episode 84 ***Explicit*** Vietnam Themed IG, to Mech or not to Mech, and more!


40K Warcasting – Episode 45 Statistics and a standard Dark Eldar tournament list

Preferred Enemies – Episode 20 ***Explicit*** Space Wolves for Noobs, Necron and GW FAQs and more!

Jaded Gamercast – Episode 63 ***Explicit*** – Dark Elves and a Basement Tournament

Battle Plan Roll 6s – Episode 5
Kugath, 6th Ed, and Vampire Counts

Signals from the Frontline Black Templar, 6th Ed and Lord Inquisitor

So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and let me know about it. Also you can find me on My YouTube Channel for Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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