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Goatboys Model Review – Puppets War Big Momma Cannon

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Feb 22 2012

Goatboy here again reviewing one of Puppetswar new upgrade kits – Big Momma Cannon. It’s a resin kit that upgrades the basic Rhino kit into something a bit more scary then the box of scoring doom you normally see on the table top.

As usual I will start the review off with Build, Paint, and Value. Build deals with how the model goes together and the quality of the parts, Paint is based on how easy it is to paint, and the Value is if this model is actually worth it. The review scale is below. So let’s begin.

Goatboy’s Review Scale
1 – Why am I reviewing this? Oh yeah I am probably not going to be putting this on the site.
2 – Barely acceptable. In fact it better be cheap so the sheer crap factor of it might be covered up in savings.
3 – Fine – not terrible not amazing.
4 – Good model and worth a look at.
5 – Wow – this kicks ass.

Build – 3 out of 5

The majority of the model would be rated a 4 but the small little arm is made up of a very weak resin. The Cannon, back piece, as well as the bullets are made of extremely tough resin material. It is dense, heavy, and feels very solid. I just wish the arm was a lot stronger. In fact I didn’t paint it because I broke it when I clipped it off the small sprue it came on. If you want to add the arm I would look at either rebuilding it out of bits or just not putting it on the model.

The model is extremely easy to put together so that is a bonus especially with something as neat looking as this big momma of a tank. The parts fit extremely well without needing myself to trim up to fit on the Rhino chassis. The front dozer blade is a bit low but I like it. Heck these things don’t fit on the terrain we normally play on so we just have to deal as the model tilts in a crazy way.


Paint – 4 out of 5

Wow this model was fun to paint. There is a lot of knooks, crannies, and other awesome bits on the model. The dozer blade is huge and everything has that extreme look that is both crazy to look at as well as neat to paint. There are a ton of panels and plates that just give it that big beefy look. I went with a chaos design for mine as obviously this will be a Space Goat Vindicator. Of course it now makes me want to play it all the time.

Value – 3 out of 5

This isn’t exactly a cheap kit. You have to purchase another model to create the model and depending on what is available the price range can go from 60 bucks down to the normal cost of the model without any discounts. I think it is a pretty neat looking option and when it comes to creating a unique army it could be your best bet for running a few Vindicators. You can also buy the Dozer Blades separately too. You get two of them that are different and give a unique look to your army.


If you are interesting in purchasing this kit you can go to their website. I will be showcasing some more of their interesting kits in the coming weeks. Their products are very exciting and I can’t wait to get some paint on them.

Goat out…

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