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Model Review: Puppetswar Cyber Bike

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Mar 11 2012

Puppetswar released this Cyber Bike a short while back.  I finally picked up a couple to use with my Necrons.

1 toof -Far below average this product turned out to be a piece of junk. (rare)
2 teef – below average but not terrible. This product was a slight let down. (below average)
3 teef – Good, average, this product meets my expectations (average)
4 teef – superior to most of the products out there in either price, quality, etc this product goes above my expectations. (above average)
5 teef – Extremely high value or quality. This product blows me away. (rare)
Quality: The quality is quite good, better than forge world but not quite as good as some other companies out there.  The casting was clean for the most part, there are a few spots where I had to clean some mold lines which is normal and a couple of small air bubbles.  Nothing major though.
3 Teef

Value: Just based on the model and price I think it’s a fair value.  ~$17 or so for a very unique model.  I play Necrons so it was especially interesting to me to use as jet bikes which have not been released yet.  It will probably end up being more than the GW jet bike but since there is no alternative at the moment this fills a nice whole in the list.  It comes with 2 alternate weapons options.  These are very good stand-ins for Gauss and Tesla weapons.  So that is a nice little bonus.
3 Teef

Look/Feel: This kit has a very cool look to it in my opinion. Looks very techy and meshes with the toasters nicely.  I love all the wires and cable winding through the body of the bike, lots of great details.  The only thing I am not crazy about is the face on the front.  I get why they did it but I just don’t really care for it personally.  Other than that it’s very nice.
4 teef
BoW recently showcased a painted cyber bike which I think turned out great.


So what do you think?  Any of you Necron players going to buy some of these to run as jet bikes?  How do you like the overall design of it?  I was actually hoping that the new Necron vehicles would be driverless so this sort of fits with my original idea which I like.

Questions, Comments? What do you think?

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