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40k FLYERS! June WD Review & More

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May 27 2012

It’s official, the new flyers are here! Checkout all the info after the jump!

I just finished up reading June’s White Dwarf and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with the “new” format- rules and content!!!

Besides the rules for the new fliers, there were more very useful painting guides, and a sweet scenario on playing with just the new jets themselves!

I like the revised painting guides using the new citadel paints, and I am so glad they have done away with the 50/50 and 80/20 -ish type mixes that they used to recommend for painting. While the results look great, it seemed like it discouraged some painters before they even started!

I think that those old “recipe formula paint style” may even be one of the reasons new hobbyists in particular may have lost focus on the hobby as well.  It’s possible Games Workshop really needed something to grasp onto those beginning hobbyists to keep them firmly entrenched, and the new paints may just be it….

So enter the new range of paints, for the win!  If you haven’t already, check out my review of the New Citadel Paint Guide. I think this book is a must have for every level of painter.

Back to the White Dwarf though, the battle reports in this issue seemed to be really stepped up, and apparently will continue on again with the next issue as well (per the “ad” in the back).

Best of all in this issue are the new Flyers! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing! It’s been said that I may be easy to impress, but again these new models set Games Workshop apart from the pack IMHO.

Enjoy.– MBG


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