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WD #391 Daemons, Chaos, and Drama, Oh My!

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Aug 06

So I just got the new White Dwarf in my hot little hands, read it and cranked out this video for it.

The thing that is so special about this White Dwarf is the fact that for the first time (in a long time), there is a supplemental codex in it updating both Daemon books!

There was TON of rumors and drama over this issue, as you may have heard by now.  I touched on some of it in the video as you can imagine, but the fact of the matter is this issue sold out almost as fast as it was released!

Besides full spreads of the new releases, this issue contained TWO battle reports with Daemons, a big section on Battle Brothers (allies) featuring some of the studio’s own, and some suggestions on painting each of the four Chaos Gods colors.

There was however no specific article on painting for the first time in awhile, but of course there was supplemental Daemons update pictured above. Overall I’ll give up a little content for new rules every time!

Anyone else remember the old “Chapter Approved” section that seemed to appear in each White Dwarf giving us new rules (and perhaps an extra reason to buy the magazine) every month?

Have a good weekend guys! -MBG

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