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HOBBY: Punk Rock Ork Boyz

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Nov 8 2012

I’ve been working on various ork units lately and I thought I would show one that I think looks pretty good.  I wanted to make a unit of orks that looked like punk rockers.

I’m pretty up to date on most of the various smaller companies that sell conversion bits so I started looking at the usual places initially.  Initially I was going to go with a more savage/feral look so I started out looking at the GW Savage Orcs.  However, they dont seem to lend themselves to converting very easily.  They cannot have bits easily swapped with regular ork boys so they were out.  Then I looked at Kromlech and Maxmini.  I decided to give the bare torsos from Kromlech a try as well as their running orc legs.  I was fairly happy with this combo but still needed a head.  I decided against the feral orc heads for now. That’s when I ran across Spellcrow.  They have a wide range of orc heads for conversions.  The Slayer Orc Heads fit the bill perfectly.  I started to assemble the figures but I wasn’t 100% happy with the look. That’s when Kromlech released their bomber jacket torsos for orc pilots.  I ordered up a few to see how I liked them.  After building a few test models I loved them!  I thought the mohawk heads looked great with the bomber jackets and the running legs are very dynamic.  Kromlech also also has some mohawk heads which I ordered. I don’t have any figures built with the Kromlech Punk Heads but I shall soon.  The arms are, of course, standard GW arms from the boyz box set.

I think I may still go back and do a feral ork mob as well with some of the original bits I was looking at.  There’s nothing wrong with having some Snake Bite Boyz in your WAAAAGH!

Here’s a list of bits if you want to build your own mob.

Kromlech Orc Pilots Torsos
Kromlech Orc “Running” Legs
Kromlech Punk Orcs
Spellcrow Orc Slayer Heads
GW Orks Boyz Slugga/Choppa Arms

So let me know what you think about the Punk Rock Orks.  Also help me pick out a name.  I though about the Sex Slugga (Sex Pistols) but that just sounds wrong…


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