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40K Rules Conundrum: About that Quad-gun…

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Feb 14 2013
Warhammer 40K

So an interesting question has come up folks… Can you Assault a Quad-gun?

It seems pretty easy right?  The quadgun has a statline, you can shoot it, it can be manned (even by vehicles – don’t ask).

But what about assaulting?  Some say of course – that melta bomb isn’t gonna be planting itself on the quad-gun.  Some say no way – its not an enemy model.  Is it an enemy model when its manned by bad-guys? How about when non manned? Does who bought it matter at all?

Just blanket allowing assaults leads to its own issues.  For example think about this situation I have lovingly named “The Kharn Catapult”.


1) First make a sign that says “Khorne sucks”
2) Attach this sign to your quad-gun
3) Deploy your quad-gun at the very edge of your table-half, just on your side of the “50-yard line”
4) Deploy Kharn right on the 12″ line of your deployment zone (or your best assault unit)
5) Make sure Kharn can see the sign!!!
6) Move Kharn, then assault the quad-gun getting right into the enemy half of the board a turn early…

See, its’s sticky…

~Have at it.  Your best arguments for or against folks.  How would you handle it?

Author: Larry Vela
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