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HORDES: Gargantuans Review – Video

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Mar 14

Big things come in small packages you could say, with the release of the new Hordes Gargantuans Rulebook!

This book is stuffed cover to cover with amazing art, and great stories to inspire players to new heights of gaming with these HUGE figures.

First off, the book itself is 156 pages long, and written by a host of authors, and developers as with Privateer Press it’s a team project to produce these things.

Gargantuans is the second “Huge” release for Privateer as it’s sister book Colossals came out with the rules for these larger sized models in Warmachine last year.

Of course the main purpose of the book is to provide the rules for the Gargantuan line of models, but it also added in some play mechanics to keep the game relevant at the larger point values.


The book itself is divided into four main rules sections; “Gargantuan Rules” “Warlock Unit Rules”, “Unbound Rules”, and “Themed Forces”.  Then there of course are the Unit Entries for each of the four main factions and Minions, followed by the “Model Gallery” the obligatory painted model showcase to inspire us.

Next is the “Painting Guide” for the Gargantuans, which if you’re used to Games Workshop books is non-existent anymore in their rulebooks.  

Here’s a look at the full color gallery, which with respect to the size of these models, is worth more than just a cursory glance. That Archangel literally is bigger than the book, lol.

The book wraps up with an Appendix to help you with quick rules questions.  Plus to round the whole thing out, there is also a two part “Mountains that Walk” section of fluff that both kicks off and ends the book as well. It’s a pretty neat read considering the subject matter!

Rules wise the book gives you “formations” for fielding larger squads of non Gargantuan models (and attaching Warlocks), as well as the rules for playing with the big guys themselves.

Happy Modeling! 


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