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Battle Report- MBG Vs. Kenny Boucher’s Chaos

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Dec 13

Kenny Boucher and Chaos have always been synonymous around the 40k scene, and recently Kenny changed his play-style back to his Chaos roots.

We playtested our new lists, Chaos Space Marines vs. Loyalist Space Marines recently and I think one of us atleast will be going back to the drawing board.

The battle below showcases two great lists that when tweeked a bit should do very well on the tournament circuit.

It was a great playtest for me as after this game I have officially jumped off the Tau / Eldar bandwagon and found the Marine build I’ve been looking for (more on that soon).

Once again I did introduce our lists on video, but I’ve also tried to collect them below for you as well.  Some of my models are not yet painted as I am still working on them conversion wise.

The Army Lists

Kenny Boucher- Chaos Space Marines, Black Legion Allies

Daemon Prince- Wings, Armor, Mastery level 3 Burning Brand.
Plague Zombies x20 (with Champion)
Plague Zombies x20 (with Champion)
Plague Zombies x20 (with Champion)
Heldrake Balefire
Heldrake Balefire

Daemon Prince- Wings Armor, Nurgle Mastery Level 3, Last Memory of Yuranthos
Cultists x10 (w/champion)
Aegis Defense Line


Rob Baer- Counts As Space Marines with Tau allies 
Varro Tigurius
Chapter Master- Bike, Shield Eternal, Auspex, Artifier Armor, Thunderhammer
Assault Centurions x3
Tactical Space Marines x10 Flamer
Tactical Space Marines x5 Flamer
Bike Squad- x5, Grav Guns x2, Sgt with Combi Grav
Devastator Centurions x3
Land Raider Redeemer- Multi Melta, Extra Armor
Thunderfire Cannon
Tau Commander- Muli Specturm Sensor Suite, CnC node, Shield Generator, Iridium Armor, Shield Drones x2, Hit and Run
Kroot x10
Hope you liked this list -MBG



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