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40K Rumors: Dark Vengeance Minis Updated

Jan 22 2014

For all you folks who loved the models in the Dark Vengeance set – word is they are getting the “fancy treatment” in the days ahead.

Sources have told us that many of the quick assembly minis in the Dark Vengeance set are getting the full treatment and arriving as fully-optioned multi-part plastic kits.  The following are on the way:

-Helbrute with all the weapon options
-Chaos Cultist set with options for Plague Zombies
-Chaos Lord in clampack format said to be bits compatible with the existing CSM range.
-Chaos Chosen with buckets of god-specific bits including 5 heads per god.
-Obliterators/Mutilators combo-kit
-Chaos Havocs with all new visual designs for certain weapons.

Half of these will ship very soon, the other half closer to Summer.

~Have at it CSM fanatics.  If you want the Finecast versions of any of these, we’ve been informed you should grab them before March…

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