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Prepare for Drop – Warzone Damocles Review!

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Mar 25

Apocalypse players rejoice, for we have some kick ass new rules for FOUR different 40k armies!

Both Space Marine and Tau players got some great datasheets for Apocalypse games.  Plus the Knight Titan got some loving too!

So  if you’re planning on playing the mythical Army of Five (Titans), or just want some more fluff on these guys, this book is for you too!

The new book book itself is only 68 pages long and is once again written by “The Citadel Design Team”.

If you read my Imperial Knights review you may remember me mentioning that this new designation (“The Citadel Design Team”) could be an attempt by Games Workshop to try to “un-demonify” authors of unpopular books, or it’s entirely possible that the design team is just wearing the corporate pants around the office these days.

Either way I know if I wrote a book, I would want that credit.

Even at only 68 pages, this book seems to be a pretty good value because over half of contains playable material for games of Apocalypse.

Of course being a smaller Warzone release there is not as much content as a normal 100 page codex, but there is still a fantastic array of fluff, rules, and new missions to satisfy most Apoclaypse nuts!

Plus it’s a great read if you’re hungry for even more background on the Knightly Houses themselves!

Checkout my full review on the new Wazone Damocles book by pressing play on the video below.

Gather up those armies, and prepare for battle! -MBG


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