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Hordes: Legion Spawning Vessel Returns

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Apr 20 2014

Hey Legion players!The re-boxing of the spawning vessel is here!

Inside you will find 7 models to summon all the ghastly lesser beasts you can manage.

The spawning vessel is a great support unit for its ability to get a piece where you need it. The main purpose of the spawning vessel is to collect corpse tokens within it’s range when a model dies. Once you have at least 3 tokens you can make a lesser warbeast pop out. The real dirty part is that warbeast gets to make a full activation this turn. No forfeiting for this spawned horror.

It also can fuel itself. Is your own infantry out of range or getting removed from play?

Kill some Nyss acolytes and fuel it yourself! A common tactic is to have the Nyss kill each other with their melee weapons.

Does Vayl need an arc node not engaged about 14″ out? Spawning vessel to the rescue!
Pop 3 guys and a shredder can get where you need him.

Is Eyriss too hard to hit on the hill? Spawning vessel to the rescue!
Pop 3 guys and a Harrier will solve all your high defense solo issues.

Really need a decent hit on that living model in your way? Spawning vessel to the rescue!
Pop 3 guys and a Stinger charge has some extra damage with its tail.

On the Flip Side:

If you’re facing the Spawning Vessel keep these few tips in mind. It has no defensive capabilities besides ARM 18 10boxes. If your worried about Shredders popping out and causing issues, put 2 decent boosted shots in it. Hunters and slag trolls have a decent chance of 1 shotting the pot outright, since it is a medium base and a construct.

If you have a unit of infantry already in your legion army that will fuel the machine, bring the pot. I have been encouraged to start a Warma/Hordes/WHFB blog next week here:
Definitely consider making 3 points of room for the spawning vessel!  What does BOLS warma/hordes think of the spawning vessel?  Have any great war stories of that last spawned horror winning or losing the game?  Share your comments below.

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