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Outside the Box 04-18-14

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Apr 18 2014

Welcome to the newest issue of Outside the Box, this week with new miniatures for Sedition Wars, Dystopian Wars, Darklands, Heavy Gear and more, including some very creepy clowns. Enjoy!

Another new release for Sedition Wars: The Gnosis Troopers

The Valkyrie’s Fury Heavy Bomber is a new event-exclusive Dystopian Wars unit:

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The May releases for Darklands have been announced:

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The Tie Defender will be the next release for X-Wing:

The first artwork of wave 18 for Bushido has been revealed, Oda & Tautolu for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate:

With ReaperCon just around the corner we got six new miniatures for different ranges this week:

The Bolt Action Italians got reinforcements and several new sets for Hail Caesar have been released:


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Hawk Wargames officially announced the “Reconquest: Phase 1” DZC expansion book, a 30mm collector’s range and the Dropfleet Commander space combat game:

The re-mastered Heavy Gear Hoplite APC is now available:

New releases for EDEN have been announced:

And Mad Clown Miniatures (link to facebook) is a new small company I found at the Salute show:


When you read this I am already on a plane to London – Salute 2014 FTW!

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