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Outside the Box 04-25-14

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Apr 25 2014

And another week is gone, time for the news! This week with more toughest girls, huge Star Wars ships, awesome Dark Age robots and more. Enjoy!

Raging Heroes
More Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are ready for production:

New ships for Dystopian Wars Are on their way:

-> More Spartan Games News

The April releases have been announced:

-> More Dark Age Games News

The Dwarf Doomcrushers are coming soon:

-> More Avatars of War News

The huge ships are shipping!

Tadao of the Cult of Yurei is the newest addition to Bushido:

 -> More GCT Studios News

The Unity Council gets the Spectre Operative:

-> More Anvil Industry News

New Napoleonic Late French Infantry is coming and the HistoriCon Miniature will be available online for a limited time:

New miniatures for Kings of War are coming!

-> More Mantic Games News

Alien Dungeon

The first 15mm All Quiet on the Martian Front miniatures can now be pre-ordered

-> More Alien Dungeon News

The Dragonfly Hopper can now be pre-ordered:

Legendarion added the twins to their Chibi Primarch range:

-> More Legendarion News

New Terrain for your “Space Undead”: 
And the SPECTRE Miniatures Kickstarter is launching this week!
And two new campaigns already launched in the last couple of days:
Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

I am quite excited about the SPECTRE Kickstarter 🙂  And the Dark Age Recovery Bot is looking great!

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