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Review – Kromlech Clanking Behemoth

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Apr 21 2014

Clanking Behemoth from Kromlech is a fantastic model that will be a blast to paint.

I recently picked up the relatively new Clanking Behemoth from Kromlech.  I’ve been a big fan of Kromlech since they first start out with ork heads and other misc bits.  They have come a long way in the marketplace though and now have a wide range of very nice figures.  However, it still seems orks/orcs are near and dear to their hearts.

In my opinion this model pays homage to the old days of 40k when orks were as goofy as they were tough.  This kit looks slightly absurd but at the same time very cool and menacing which I think its the theme of 40k orks nicely.

The kit comes in several pieces including the legs, arms, head, torso, weapons and misc additional pieces.  Its got several options for the secondary weapons mounted on the lower torso.  These can be  big shoota or skorcha.  You can also choose to eliminate them and add some glyphs, spot light or other items in their place.  For the primary weapons it comes with a large power klaw and rokket launcher arms.  I requested an extra power klaw arm in addition to the rokket arm in order to make it more fighty and less shooty.

It also came with a nice decorative base for the behemoth to mount to.

When I received my kit the pieces were all practically clear of all flash and required very little prep to start assembly.  Assembly was very easy and all the parts went together very nicely.

I went for a more dynamic pose to try to give the feeling of this huge beast charging full stream across the battle field.  I also opted to leave off the torso weapons for now as I could decide how I wanted to equip him just yet.  I will probably end up magnetizing various options

I plan to run him as a standard Ork Dreadnought at this time.  I’d like to run him as a Mega Dread but I’m not sure if he’s actually large enough.  I sold my Mega Dread quite a while back and can’t recall how large it was.  I also can’t find my Ork Deffdread so I am not sure how large this behemoth is compared to an ork dread.  I do, however, have some Killer Kans to compare it to.

The Behemoth seems to be quite a bit larger than the Kan.


 So what do you think it more appropriate a Deffdread or a Mega Dread?

Regardless I am very happy with this model.  The detail is fantastic, the molds were super clean and straight and the character of the model is awesome.  I can’t wait to get this big fella painted up.  I would highly recommend this kit to any orky general out there looking to add a little muscle to their Waaagh!

What do you guys think of this kit? Does it mesh with the current line of 40k Orks, do you like the style of the model?

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