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WFB: Wood Elves Rules Latest

Apr 24 2014

 Here’s the rundown from overseas on army rules for this weekend’s Wood Elves:

First of all apologies gang, these just slipped under our noses the past couple of days.

Note: While overall reasonable, there are a couple salty ones in here:

via The Workshop Yila (translated from Spanish)

Army Wide Rules:
Always Strikes First, Hatred (Beastmen), Forest Strider, No penalty to move and shoot with bows, Bows (magical and regular) reroll 1s to hit and add +1 Strength at half range.

Wood Elf Wizards have +1 to cast lore of Athel Loren.

Wood Elves still get a free wood.

Waywatchers Wardancers and bar are unchanged at half range. Waywatchers are S4 and have Killing Blow.

War Hawks Have the old Hit and Run rule.

Eternal Guard weapons are unchanged. The spear is +1 strength.

Mantle of the Asrai grants a 6+ Ward save.

Mantle of Kurunos grants a 6+ plus Armor save.

Wild Riders gain Frenzy.

Forest Spirit rule grants units Immune to Psychology and a 6+ ward save.


GO-GO-GO – Lots more goodies in there!

We’ll all know what’s up this Saturday when the Armybook is unveiled! Have at it folks.

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