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40K Rumors: Space Wolf Flyer?

May 8 2014

What has wings, howls at the moon, and hates the Thousand Sons?  Why a Space Wolf Flyer of course!

Here’s the latest tidbit doing the rounds from the hottest new rumormonger this spring:

The small (but perfectly formed) Lords of War:  (good job you guys!)

“…this will come as no surprise to you after our talk today but I just talked to my sales rep and he told me that their is a new Space Wolf flyer sitting in the warehouse awaiting release right now.  He said the skew for it is already in thier computer system.  He said the info for it came up in the computer just before the Wood Elf release.” 

Yet another rumor on the scale in favor of Space Wolves…

~Any bets on it’s name?  I’ve got $5 on “Boobyclaw”

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