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40K: Ork Week 3 Mek-Gun Rules Latest!!!

Jun 10 2014

Ork Week 3 is near and rules for the new Ork Mek Guns are here!  Pity the FMCs!!!

 images via El Descanso Del Escriba

Today we take a look at the rules for new weapon options on the Mek Guns.  You’re gonna LOVE this!

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun.  $35

That is a LOT of cheap BS:3 firepower for the greenskins!  Also, -3 to Grounding Tests – OUCH!!!

This is the first week I’m starting to get excited about the Ork releases!  GIMME that codex GW – PRETTY PLEASE!!!

much more info here

~ Now you get to spell out the sound that each of these Ork weapons makes – GO!!!

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