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40K: Ork Week 3 Releases!

Jun 9 2014

As we inch towards the Ork Codex, rules and unit details start to break.

 via Grot Orderly

…this weekend (13th June) we will see a new model of Big Mek model (as I wrote couple posts below) with Shokk Attack Gun. The model will be 100% plastic and will cost us 20 pounds / 35 dollars. Additionally we will get a new artillery unit. A Ork Mek Gunwith six Gretchin crew. From the parts in the box we will be able to make Smasha Gun, Traktor Kannon, Bubble Chukka, Mega-Kannon. We don’t know anything more about it, but I can guess this will swap the old artillery kits. Price: 25 pounds / 38 dollars.

Two points on this:

1) HOLY MOLY – The Bubble Chukka returns!!!  My old EPIC prayers have been answered!

2) This puts the Ork codex into week 4, maybe even week 5.  This is now definitely feeling like an release experiment to see what produces more sales.  Apparently we can look forward to the steady drip, drip, drip of Ork releases to continue.

much more info here

~ So who remembers what makes the Bubble Chukka so cool?  I really hope you can use it on flyers!

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