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40K Orks: Ork Codex Details and Armylist

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Jun 18 2014

Oh you know how GW loves to glam up their codices.  Here’s what every aspring Warboss will be wanting – plus rules:

image/info via  Grot Orderly


“There will be two versions of the codex. First is going to be the normal one, and it will cost us 30 pounds. The quality will match other latest GW codices, high quality paper and hard bound.
The other version is called the Warboss Edition and is going to be a limited edition. Apart from the normal codex in another blurb, second book with stories on famous Waaaghs of different Warbosses and 8 cards with some artwork. On top of that we will receive six objective tokens. It will cost us 100 pounds.

The new dex will have an Ork specific FOC, 9 Troops slots and 3 HQ. Additionally it will be the first codex to sport new layout of Dataslates for each unit. Interesting.

Together with the codex we will have new cards released with Ork specific psychic powers and 36 objective cards, again, Ork specific. The cards will cost us 5 pounds.”

Sample Army List (note the 3 HQs)

Go look for MANY more goodies…

~ Hmmm, 100 Pounds…

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