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BREAKING: X-Wing New Large ships Unveiled!

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Jun 14 2014

FFG’s Website has just revealed two new Large ships, so let’s take a quick look at what we know about the YT-2400 and the VT-49 Decimator!

Well all you X-Wing players thought that the two Huge ships, Wave 4 and the Rebel Aces set were enough to keep us satisfied for our space dogfighting fix.  FFG obviously disagreed and have just reviled two new Large ships.

Lets start off by looking at the predicted YT-2400 (Nice shout by Matt Taylor who predicted this ship coming out back in April, you can read his thought here)

The YT-2400 is an Expanded Universe ship that was retroactively added in to the Special Edition of A New Hope.  It made its appearance as the ship of choice for Dash Render in the Shadows of the Empire comic, novel and N64/PC game.

The pack seams to add new Obstacles as well as all of the usual new upgrades and pilot options.  It is interesting that these Debris Clouds are ruined TIE’s (the ones in the Decimator are Ruined Rebel Ships) and I am hoping for a mechanic to add them in play on destruction of a ship, maybe lasting for 1 round, but time will tell.

So lets look at what we know about the ship itself.  A two attack dice 360 turret, 2 evade dice, 5 Hull and 5 Shields makes this a nice balance between the YT-1300 and the Firespray.

Action bar has the usual Focus and Target Lock and the not so usual Barrel Roll.  As I recall the YT-2400 has the same type of construction as the B-Wing in that the whole ship can rotate around the cockpit which makes the Barrel Roll make sense and I am looking forward to it being standard on a Large Ship.

Upgrade wise Dash can take an Elite Pilot Talent in addition to the Cannon Upgrade, Missiles and 1 Crew Slot.

In my opinion this is a really nice choice especially at the points level it sits at.  The 2 Shot turret is nice and Balanced whilst the 2 Evade is extremely good on such a rugged ship although it does miss out on Slave-1’s evade action.

Considering Dash is the highest Pilot Skill available we can also assume he is the most expensive and coming in at 36 points for Pilot Skill 7 is only 3 points more than a Bounty Hunter in the Firespray so I think it’s going to be extremely good value and will defiantly see play as even the lower Pilot Skill ships keep the same stat line unlike when you downgrade the YT-1300 to an Outer Rim Smuggler.


Don’t worry though, all you Imperial Players are getting a new toy as well!

The VT-49 Decimator is HUGE, look at it, it’s a beast!
Added to the Expanded Universe in Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed it was designed to give the Imps an Evil Millennium Falcon to play with and it looks like FFG have stood by this with the awesome 360 degree, 3 attack turret.  The rest of the stats are crazy, 0 Evade marks it as something of a brick but 4 Shields and 12 (yes 12…) Hull should keep it in the game for a while regardless, even if you stick Vader in there to Force Crush to his hearts content.
Action wise, I am not overly surprised by the lack of Evade and Barrel Roll on this bad boy but we do get Focus and Target Lock.  The card is stuffed with Upgrade Options though 3 of the 4 shown pilots have access to an Elite Pilot Talent with a Torpedo Slot, 3 Crew Slots and a Bomb option
So no Dial reviles for either ship yet and lots of nice upgrade cards from the look of things.
I am looking forward to Mara Jade personally, but then I have always had a soft spot for a red head (don’t tell the wife…)

Lando looks like fun and I enjoy the small easter egg of his artwork and Han’s artwork being the two of them playing Sabac for the Falcon.
The Outrider Title looks like it may be a little overcosted by my gut instinct as the most popular cannon to use it with would be the Heavy Laser Cannon but then you have 0 shots at Range 1 and all of that for 12 points total but it may come in to play with some stand off list I have not had chance to formulate yet.
Mara Jade can add Stress to a large number of ships if you can get close enough and I think she may find a seat next to Vader on an Omicron Shuttle.  Whilst the Fleet Officer could do work in a cheap shuttle supporting Bombers or even in a Firespray list to add some Focus to your Target Locks.
Thanks for looking people and if you want to see more of my thought on X-Wing check out my Blog at The Dice Hate Me – Kris

Well I know there are lots of thing to be excited about already but these to Large Ships due late Q3 have just made me even happier to be an X-Wing player! Oh and is that “Ice Heart” sitting in a crew slot on one of those Decimators…

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