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Kris Sherriff

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X-Wing: New FAQ Winners & Losers

Kris Sherriff 3 Minute Read July 3

  The new X-Wing: The Miniatures Game FAQ has gone live, whats changed, whats good, what got hit so hard with the nerf bat that people are quitting the game?  All these questions and more will be answered and you wont believe number 7!!! Hi all, Kris here, now I know it has been a […]

X-Wing: Wave 8 Announcement Review

Kris Sherriff 6 Minute Read August 3

GenCon time again and FFG have announced Wave 8 introducing ships from the Rebels TV Show. Now we see ships like the Ghost and the TIE Advanced Prototype moving from my lego shelf in to my X-Wing gaming… Hi all, Still living a hectic life at the moment but needed to take time out to […]

X-Wing: M3-A Interceptor The Heavy Scyk

Kris Sherriff 5 Minute Read January 12

The M3-A Interceptor, The Scums Jack of all Trades pocket rocket was announced just before the turn of the year and after a bit of back and forth heres what I think. Normally when the reveal for a new wave comes out there is one ship that gets the masses talking, but ever striving to […]

X-Wing: Stat Lines Vs Dials and Actions

Kris Sherriff 9 Minute Read January 8

What is more important in the X-Wing Meta when constructing a Squad: Stats and Abilities or Dials and Actions? A bit of a deviation from my standard X-Wing articles today (ah a stats pun in the opening paragraph…) Happy New Year Folks, Kris here with my first article of 2015 and I wanted to kick us […]

Star Wars: Armada What’s It All About?

Kris Sherriff 5 Minute Read December 15

Star Wars Armada is just around the corner for all of us Star Wars fans, but is it just X-Wing with Star Destroyers or is there more to it than that? Hi all, I wanted to take the time today to cover something a little different to my usual chat about all things X-Wing. Star […]

X-Wing: Wave 6 Most Wanted HWK-290’s

Kris Sherriff 9 Minute Read December 8

Time for another look at Wave 6’s Most Wanted pack, this time focusing on the HWK-290’s that Scum and Villainy may take to the field. Will the much maligned Rebel support ship see a resurgence or will it be ignored for the more obvious power in the Faction? Hi All, In this article I am […]

X-Wing: StarViper Preview

Kris Sherriff 10 Minute Read December 1

FFG were kind enough to reveal more info on the StarViper expansion due to land in Wave 6 with the rest of Scum and Villainy.  Here are my thoughts! It’s my pleasure to write about the StarViper expansion for Scum and Villainy today.  I have to say it really is an absolute pleasure, as FFG […]

X-Wing: A Close Look at Pilot Skill

Kris Sherriff 10 Minute Read November 24

Pilot Skill is an important part of the X-Wing and how you put your squad together, But just how important is it to be Top Gun? Hello all,I wanted to spend a bit of time looking at something different for this article, rather than delving into one specific ship or build its time to get […]

X-Wing: Scum and Villainy Most Wanted Part 1

Kris Sherriff 5 Minute Read November 10

A look at the upcoming Most Wanted expansion for the 3rd X-Wing Faction, Scum and Villainy. Hi Folks, After some much needed time away from X-Wing after competing in the Canadian Nationals event I am back in the saddle and rearing to go. First on my hit list was to start talking about the announcement […]

X-Wing: Canadian Nationals Tourney & X-Wing Meta

Kris Sherriff 18 Minute Read October 27

My thoughts, experience and opinions on the event, my performance (Flawless obviously…) and the Meta. Off To Play! It’s Friday 24 Oct and I am sat in Edmonton Airport waiting for the first leg of my flight to begin on my journey to the 2014 Canadian Nationals for X-Wing.  Now when I booked my ticket I […]