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Codex Orks & More On Shelves!

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Jun 28 2014

Codex Orks is OUT!  Go get it NOW!

At very, very long last the Ork Codex arrives on the tabletop!  The Orks patience is finally rewarded!

Codex Orks $49.50
Orks live for fighting. They fall upon their foes like an avalanche, a vast horde of barbaric green-skinned warriors wielding an assortment of crude but deadly weapons.

This 104 page hardback Codex is the definitive guide to the Orks. It presents their unrelentingly brutal history and explores everything from their origins to Ork Kultur. It is also packed with full -colour pictures and full descriptions of each Ork unit, the rules for that units use and an army list. This Codex enables you to organise your collection of Citadel miniatures into an army worthy of the mightiest Warboss.

Warboss Edition $165 Webstore Exclusive
The Codex: Orks Warboss Edition contains a wealth of brutally kunnin’ Ork content including two books, an art wallet and brushed metal tactical objective tokens. This Webstore Exclusive Edition is only available in English and it is strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide.

Presented in a chest with a hinged lid and detailed with a large Ork glyph, the Warboss Edition contains two volumes: a special edition of Codex: Orks and the brand new, never before seen special edition of Waaagh! Ghazghull: A Codex: Orks supplement. Each book is bound with a finish unique to this edition.

Additionally, the Warboss Edition includes eight art prints within an art wallet; these are the covers of previous Ork books, from ‘Ere We Go and Freebooterz to the latest Ork Codex. As if that isn’t enough, there is a set of brushed metal coins numbered ‘wun’ to ‘lotz’, ideal for marking out objectives in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Mek $21
Ork Meks are eccentric inventors that possess a natural ability for creating wotzits and fixin’ gubbinz. From building deadly dakka from scrap to creating wobbling bubbles of force to protect da boyz from harm, Meks can do it all.

This single frame plastic Mek is armed with a kustom mega slugga and mek’s tools.

Painboy $26
Painboys are at home amongst the blood and horror of the battlefield, eagerly patching up lost limbs, doing a spot of welding on a broken face or furnishing the Warboss with a brand new flame-throwing arm. They learn their craft through a mixture of instinct, trial and error, and the time-honoured principles of ‘Orky know-wotz’.


This single frame plastic Painboy is accompanied by a grot orderly and he’s equipped with Dok’s tools and a ‘urty syringe.

Datacards: Orks $8
Datacards: Orks contains the seven Power of the Waaagh! psychic powers cards and a deck of Tactical Objectives cards. This deck of 36 cards replaces the first six cards of the standard deck with the six Ork exclusive objectives from Codex: Orks.
Ork Boyz $29

Who’s already bought what and give your first impressions of the new codex in the comments!

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