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DUST: 4th Faction Unveiled

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Jun 16 2014

DUST’s Operation Babylon just unveiled the game’s new 4th Faction: Mercenaries! Here’s the pics and details:

Even if the three large Blocs control around 90% of the planet, there are still a few countries that have managed to remain neutral. One of the businesses run from these neutral countries is the hire of a growing number of mercenary companies. While most of their personnel come from neutral nations, some are deserters from the three main power Blocs.

These mercenary companies range in size from small, elite squads of specialists, commandos, and assassins, to units of several platoons or even whole regiments.

Fielding Mercenaries

The war has run for a long time, and every army is short of manpower. Sometimes the easiest way to gather the strength they need for an operation is to hire it. Any Bloc may field Mercenary Units as part of their force. Non-Mercenary Command Squads cannot target Mercenary Units with their Command Squad Special Actions.

Sisters of Demolition

Throughout the world, people are fed up with this war. There have been too many casualties, too many cities burned to the ground, and too much suffering. The war has left deep scars, as deep as any left by the First World War. So many men have been sent to the front, of whom so few will ever return. As this conflict enters its eighth year, no one has remained untouched by the grim realities of global conflict.

Some radical young women have decided they will not be at the mercy of anyone anymore. Drawn from all countries and social backgrounds, the Sisters of Demolition are so fed up with this unending conflict that they have devoted themselves to a single fanatical ideal: if men won’t embrace peace, then let them truly understand war. These women will stop this war, even if it means killing all those who allow it to continue.

Unlike many mercenaries, the Sisters seem to have an agenda that no one outside the organization has yet discovered. However, they have now attracted too much attention for them to keep their secrets for long!

“We hope you’ll like the Sisters of Demolition as much as we do. Thanks for bringing us this far. We know it’s a long way to $500k, but we also know a lot can happen in 5 days!” ~Battlefront 


Get in there while you can – the Kickstarter has only hours left!