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Goatboy’s Monday – Holy Crap it’s Time to WAAGH!!!

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Jun 1 2014

Welcome to another lovely Monday morning.  As most of you have seen the Orks are rearing their ugly heads, arms, and impossible mechanical bits in the coming weeks.

Orks are the only army to pull me out of my chaotic funk and right now I think I might need it to keep my head up and happy with all the changes, ideas, etc coming to my beloved competitive scene.

So far the only thing I can gather from all the leaks is that Orks are going to have a high Teef bill when it comes to the amount of bullets they are going to waste.  I am not the biggest fan of random Strength/Weight of Fire rolls so it kind of saddens me to see it on the biggest fat guy in the room – the Mork/Gork/Fistanaut of doom we have rules on.  It does look interesting as the new rules for the Kustom Force Field sounds like we might have some hope versus all the anti cover fire we are seeing.  Will see if we can get better ways to improve it.

Other then this the big rumor is some changes to how they generate warp charges too.  If they generate it based on Boyz well it is gonna be raining some psychic powers if a normal Ork player plays the horde.  I hope we can get more then 2 Weirdboyz and maybe get an option like the AM have with these non HQ/HQ like guys.  3 Weirdboyz, 3 BigMeks, 3 Painboyz sounds perfect if I had my choices.  Will have to see if we get some good Psychic powers that hopefully don’t involve summoning.  I don’t want to have to argue to keep my books new powers in the upcoming days of Tournament 40k discussions.

I am guessing we get 7 powers with the Primarius either being a Waagh of some sort.  I am sure one will Teleport guys around, 2-3 will be Witchfires, and then either a Foot of Gork/Mork and then finally a way to make a Squigg.  If we get lucky we might see a FNP type of thing or at least an assault modifier that will help.  Making Orks harder to hit when they charge in?  Please please please!

The other tidbit that came out is a new rule called Ere We Go.  This one is pretty interesting as its a weaker fleet but still a good ability for an Ork to have.  They want to get into combat and getting a chance to generate a crazy charge sounds awesome.  I just hope the Storm Boyz can still shoot across the table with some kind of crazy abandon and get involved in a little bit of hooliganism.  Heck that is just want I want the Orks to be.  A really good assault army that actually works.

Don’t get me wrong – I use assault all the time and somehow find the way to win.  It is just I really want to get back to the game of getting in close, getting involved, and maybe winning a few games.  I really like the insane Gorkanauts and hopefully they have a rule that allows the guys riding in the belly to assault when they disembark.  Nothing is saying so in the White Dwarf so hopefully they remember Orks need to be able to punch somehow after they have gotten out of the belly.

The Flashgit box popped up and we haven’t seen what the other options are.  I am sure they will push them to be good so I will have to at least buy a box or two to help kit bash a ton of crazy dakka boyz. Their rules look ok – they do shoot a lot so that is always good and I am ok with Random AP values as half of them are great at killing marines and more then half are great at killing Xenos.  That is the only time I like random nature is on the AP as you want that low roll when every other time the high roll is usually better.

I think we have seen the new Meganob kit too.  Some of the models shown around the Big Mek Monster looks a little to nice to have kit bashed.  The guns also look a little different and I liked how the Meganobz looked so being copies of that style is fin by me.  I am just happy to have plastic guys as I painted a ton of them for a client and they sucked when they fell off the painting table.  Hopefully these guys become T5 or at least get an Invulnerable save.  Something to help them survive a class with other Powerfisting set of jerks.  But heck when was the last time you saw Thunder Hammer Terminators?


The new Kannons look interesting too.  They are pretty big and only in that one image from the Painting an Ork army book from GW.  I love the Yellow scheme on the Orks and while I changed mine to Albino and Red skinned Orks, yellow was my second choice.  I have a few things yellow in my current Ork army and I bet I end up doing more after I finish this NecroOrk commission.  I am wondering if they are Kannons/Buggies?  Will see as we might have that instead of the old stationary Artillery.  It kind of bothered me to have Toughness 7 Grots.

Overall I have high hopes for what will most likely be my last big batch of purchases for an army.  I have slowed down over the years due to painting a lot of client stuff and coming to the decision I only like evil armies so of course with Orks being the last “bad” guy it makes sense it is my last big hurrah for model fury.  It doesn’t help that I am getting my own little Snotling Runt in October.  Thomas P. Reidy IV aka Thor will be rearing his sneaky mug during the month of Hallows Eve so be prepared for terrible pics of mohawked little grot in the coming future.

What do think the Ork army needs MOST needs to return in umbers to the tabletop?

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