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Ork Codex: Initial Impressions

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Jun 29 2014

The Ork codex is out and being digested by all.  Here is a sampling of the good and the bad:


“It’s somewhat shinynewdifferent. The formal army list section? Gone. The unit description section? Gone. Instead, they’ve been amalgamated into one section, showing the points, upgrades, FoC slot and the fluff for the unit. Bit jarring, but then it is the first of the 7th Edition Codecies, so we best get used to it.”



It was pretty widely accepted that orks had been laboring quietly under a lot of rule-based nerfs for a while now, and were in desperate need of a boost to compensate for a playstyle that didn’t really pay big dividends under 6-7th.

Instead it seems that to go along with a few gimicky new toys what they got was nerf after bum-tearing nerf. Every time I pick up the book I notice something else that lost a rule, an option, or was hiked in price. And the entire time I’m thinking, but this book was already desperately behind the power creep, why the hell did they need to nuke that as well?”


Basically they have decided upon a different way for you to play Orks. Ideally it involves the “Fungus Mungus” where you go buy (9) Troop units (maximum size preferred) and tear at the opponent. That is what they want you to do. I’m not being sarcastic, negative or “hating.” I’ve analyzed the book and the different builds that are likely to have a decent chance in the current META and my theoryhammer says if you go pure Ork you are going to have to shovel bodies at your opponent. You can get around this, over course, by careful use of allied detachments, but if you mean to be an Orc-core army, you might as well accept now that they have rigged it that your best chance is in numbers and more numbers. 



It really feels to me like this codex was written by a marine or guard player thinking “My idea of an Ork army is lots of boyz and that’s the only way they should be played. And I don’t like that I can’t kill boyz quickly enough so I’m going to take away everything in the army that has an semblance of staying power so they are forced to take more boyz. I thought about talking to some Ork players to get there opinions, but then I decided against it and asked my fellow marine players there thoughts instead.”

So, it’s time to set the rumors aside and talk about what you have in your hands and read in black and white.  For better or worse, this is the new Ork Codex and the template/layout for 7th Edition Codices.

What do you think of the new “way forward” everybody?

Author: Larry Vela
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