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Outside the Box 06-13-14

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Jun 13 2014

Hello again, in this issue of Outside the Box we have a Song of Ice and Fire, Operation Icestorm, a Zombie Mistress, the Witcher and more – Enjoy!

A lot of new miniatures have been added to the George R.R. Martin Masterworks series:

New Aerial Battle Groups for Dystopian Wars are coming in July:

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The highly anticipated first pictures of the Union Heavy Rail:

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Corvus Belli announced Operation: Icestorm, and it looks a lot like an two-player starter set:

This week Warlord Games added single miniatures and civillian truckss to their Bolt Action French range and released new miniatures for Judge Dredd:

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Cool Mini or Not
New previews of the Hadross faction for Wrath of >Kings:

Prodos Games

New releases for Warzone Resurrection and a preview of the Iron Lady:


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GCT Studios
This week two new miniatures for Bushido have been revealed, Oda & Tautola for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate and Takashi Akio for the Prefecture of Ryu:

New superheroes are incoming!

HiTech Miniatures
Viking Archfather Odinn is now available:

Scibor Miniatures released new SciFi Spartans and announced that they are sculpting the collector’s edition figure for the upcoming The Witcher 3 videogame:
Perry Miniatures
Another nation is going to join the North Africa theatre, this time the Free French: 

Puppetswar is going to expand their Orc range with some troops:

And after a long break finally a new Battlesuit from Z4 Miniatures, the Satria:

Plenty of new Kickstarter campaigns launched this week: 

Atomico – Steam Punk Vampire Hunter Miniatures


Ninja Division – Bunnies vs Zombies Boardgame

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

Yay, Free French! And a supposedly awesome starter set for Infinity could make me search for my Ariadna miniatures in the attic 😉

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