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40K: Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw is Real!

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Jul 5 2014

Following up on word of the impending arrival of a Space Wolves product comes more confirmed info:

image via Mexican Ork

And for completeness we have GW’s own fancy video on Sanctus Reach Vol.1: The Red Waaagh:

So continuing from the previous news, Sanctus Reach looks to be a series of narrative books/sets, serving as a vehicle for various product tie-ins.

We have seen GW release back to back hardcovers before, such as the Ork codex and Ghaz book.  Sanctus Reach looks to be a multivolume set released in successive weeks with product tie-ins.


Regarding the “7th Boxed Set”, the jury is still out.  While retailers are pulling back on copies of Dark Vengeance, there is still no physical evidence of a “formal” replacement.  Instead we have a Volume 2 of Sanctus Reach apparently involving Space Wolves and Orks, including Grukk Face-Rippa.

There could be something as fancy as a Dark Vengeance replacement waiting in the wings, or perhaps simply one of those many theme bundle deals like the ones we saw accompanying Sanctus Reach Vol.1 this week.

Have at it.

Author: Larry Vela
  • Wargames Gallery 7-4-14