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Retribution: Riflemen Now Lighter & Shootier!

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Jul 23 2014
The repackage of the house guard riflemen is finally here.  Here’s how to get the most out of these elves!

These are some great new plastic models that you can easily add to your retribution army.  These guys were not that popular early on. However, with the release of the houseguard thane things have definitely changed.  Now you can threaten stealth units or get that extra movement these guys are starting to see more and more table time.  With a big 14” threat and CRA they are very flexible at what targets they can go after.  Able to unload multiple shots at swarming infantry or take big combined shots and heavily armored models.


       –  Long range threat
       –  Able to aim often
      –  CRA for high pow
        –  Stealth threat w/ solo
       –  UA gives them good chance of clearing jamming models
          Extra points/models to get most out of unit (Unit Attachment and Solo)
          Average defense and armor means blast templates and return fire will cause casualties
          Low rat- will have trouble hitting models if forced to move or against models in cover.
          Faction is overcrowded with  overabundance with shooting unit options.
Why Take Them?
Why take riflemen over strikeforce or invictors?  Well if you need to kill stealth these guys are the dudes that can do it.  The UA for this unit can make clearing lanes or jamming models like boomhowlers a breeze with the ability to CRA into melee.  Ossayan and Raven probably can get the most out of riflemen with shooting feats and abilities like snipe or quicken to keep them safe.  Issyria is a great toolbox caster and can make them situational good with her debuffs and accuracy boosting feat.  The rest of the casters don’t do much for riflemen, but that is not to say they can’t make use of them. 

Going Against Riflemen?
Stay out of max range forcing them to move.  With no aiming bonus they will usually need help hitting models.  Depending if they unit has a UA or not, you can jam them with reach infantry and prevent them from getting all shots to bear.  Finally, they are pretty weak on the defensive end.  If you can land some blast templates, sprays, or shots on them they will die in droves.  
So BOLS what do you guys think of the plastic riflemen?  Do you think they will see the field often?  If you’re in or around Texas and looking for some warmachine action, check out Coal and Claw and Clash for a Cure.  Follow me on twitter for random gaming thoughts at :  

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