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Review – Kromlech Orc Flakvierling Kit

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Jul 22 2014

Today we look at the Kromlech Orc Flakvierling, a great anti aircraft alternative for the Orks.

 I’ve been eyeballing this kit for a while now and recently picked one up.  The went together flawlessly as I have come to expect from Kromlech.  Its style really fits in with the rag tag thrown together feel of the Ork horde.  From the scrap metal gun shield to the variance magazine types its got Orky written all over it.

It come with a nice base so that it can be an immobile gun platform or used with an Aegis Shield Wall as a twin linked auto-cannon.  Alternatively it can be removed from the base and mounted on a vehicle.  It would be nice if an alternate mounting plate was included or optional to make mounting in the back of a trukk or wagon easier but its not a big deal.

There is a little seat on the back that I have not tried using yet.  I’m thinking an ork biker may fit but I will have to get back to that at a later date.  If you wanted to magatize the guns to make them easy to remove for storage its a simple matter but I chose to just glue them in place; mostly out a laziness and a lack of a lot of free time.

Here’s a nice scale pic from Kromlech.  You can see that its a fairly large and intimidating piece of hardware.  If your looking to add some anti air craft fire power to your orks this is a great option.


I plan to do a follow up review after I get it mounted in a vehicle and get a gunner in place.

Author: Billy Pistole
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