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Review – Kromlech Orc Tank Hunters

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Jul 17 2014

Kromlech‘s recently released Orc Tank Hunters. Time to take a closer look:

Kromlech’s been cranking out the Orc minis for some time and they just keep getting better and better.  Most recently they release the Orc Tank Hunters.  I had actually already converted a unit of Ork Tankbustas for my Orks using the great looking Kromlech Great Coat Orcs but I couldn’t resist buying these fellas too.

There are plenty of options for this unit.  The rokkets are in two pieces so you can mix and match different heads with different rokket launchers for tons of variety.  They also have some nice shoulder pads you can add or save them for some ard boys.

Their packs are also fantastic.  The rokket heads are also swappable on the packs for added variety.  The packs have tons of detail with pouches, grenades and various gear stashed on and in it.  One of the best things is you can actually buy the packs separately.  So if you already have a tankbusta unit you can spice it up with these packs.  I plan to buy some for my converted unit as well.

I love the heads as well.  They are quite variable like you would expect from orks but all similar enough that they look good together.  There are also several tankbusta bombs in the unit which is nice to see them on the minis.

Here’s a shot of my second unit of Ork Tankbustas.  They look great on the table top and I expect they will be a blast to paint up as well.  These are easily some of my favorite after market minis for Orks out there.  If your looking for a very cool alternative for your Ork Tankbustas I recommend giving these guys a shot.

If your wanting to field some squig bombs there is a nice alternative that fits in nicely as well.

I have a set of these guys for my other Tankbusta unit and plan to pick up another for this unit.  Strap a nice Tank Hunter’s back pack on this guy and swap out his head and you have a great counts-as squig bombs.


So what do you think?  You like these figures for alternative Ork Tankbustas?

Author: Billy Pistole
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