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Waaagh! Ghaz Initial Peeks – Sample Color Plates & More

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Jul 2 2014

The upcoming Waaagh! Ghazghkull  has a whole lot of cool stuff doing the rounds.  Here’s today’s latest:

images via Grot Orderly

So fifty pages of Ghaz’s history, a dozen pages of color plates of his units and their paint schemes, and 8 new missions.  As with the previous supplemental codices, a handful of pages of wargear, warlord traits and rules, surrounded by essentially a Orky coffeetable artbook.  It sure is pretty though, and the Ork colors and designs fly off the page, compared to the more boring fare like Clan Raukaan for example.  It may be the best looking one of these supplementals in a while.

I do like the way the background makes Ghaz out to be super smart and tricky.  A real threat and counterpart to all of the other great leaders of the various races.  Just because he’s an Ork, doesn’t mean he’s stupid.


Author: Larry Vela
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