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Warmachine: Unboxing the Junior Warcasters

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Jul 14 2014

That’s right, starting this July the era of Juniors is upon us. Time to get started!

I did quite a bit of raving about the Junior Warlocks released last month. I even went so far as to call them the highest quality metal casts I’ve ever seen. So does the Warmachine side hold up? Are these guys just as stunning? I’m going to go with yes on this one.

 Let’s start with Cygnar’s Allison Jakes.

 I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s safe to say she’s another digital sculpt. There are a few pics of 3d renders of the other sculpts to come from the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter Campaign, and no pics of traditional sculpts. While this isn’t one of the Kickstarter exclusives, the only difference between them and the general release sculpts seems to be the pose. Since it’s much easier to repose a digital sculpt than a solid hunk of sculpting putty, this seems to offer further proof to me that this is a digital work. Additionally Privateer seems to prefer this method for most of its sculpts these days anyway. I’m just fine with this because they seem to be getting better and better at it. Just click on the pic to get an eyeful of that detail. Just like last month’s batch of juniors, the detail is crisp where you need it, and perfectly smooth on all the cloth and other rounded areas.

And here’s a shot of the back, lest you think they’d skimp on the detail anywhere.

And for the Creator of Man we have Tristan Durant.

Hands down my favorite, although I am a little biased. The Protectorate were my first faction. Fun fact: this is the one of the few sculpts for the faction with a fully exposed head. The only other models without some form of head gear are some of the Idrian Skirmishers. And what a head! It’s every bit as detailed as the rest of him.

Up next we have the Motherland’s Andrei Malakov.

This is another fantastic face. Just look at that haughty expression. Just the sort of overconfident sneer you’d expect from a khadoran officer fresh from the akademy.


The Dragonfather has Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius.

He’s quite different from the usual Cryx fare. No withered decaying Skarlock or Iron Liche, Aiakos is still vital and strong. He’s the only male Cryxian like this, well human male anyway, unless you want to count Drudges.


For the Retribution we have Elara Tyro.

She doesn’t have quite the level of detail as the rest of them, but Retribution never does. It’s just not their look. Instead she has the most dynamic pose out of the whole crew.

Last up it’s junior for hire Gastone Crosse.

No fancy spears or throwing disks here – a good merc knows when to bring his boomstick. While his pose may be the least exciting, this guy has the same level of detail as the rest of the bunch.

~ Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Check back soon for this month’s other new releases (no repacks though). To anyone out there with the Kickstarter exclusive versions, were you as impressed with the quality of those as I am with these? And how about with Sturgis?


Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
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