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Warmachine/Hordes: Big July Releases Unboxed

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Jul 7 2014

Privateer has some big releases headed your way in July.  Take a look at the scariest chariot out there!

While the Junior warcasters I unboxed earlier are a really exciting bunch, these large models are every bit as cool. First up it’s a Huge warcaster.

So many bits. I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess the horses are as good a place as any. Lots of detail in these resin models.


No identical horses here. Reznik’s loyal steeds each have different poses.

And here are the other sides.

What the heck do I even call these? Oh well they’re very cool, and ever so Protectorate. The two on the left and right are mirror images of each other.


The under-carriage is loaded with a lot more detail… but since you’ll never see it once the thing is put together, I figured I might as well show the side Reznik stands on.


Here are the bits for Reznik himself.

Is this the first resin warcaster, or are they casting Terminus in resin these days?

What do you call the front part of a chariot? Well whatever it is, you’re looking at it. I like the semicircle motif a lot.

And here are all the other bits I couldn’t find a place for.

He might not stand on a huge base, but Dozer and Smigg are about as big as warbeasts get outside of Extreme Sculpts and Gargantuans.

Here he is in all his straight-out-of-the-box glory.

The body, like the rest of him, is loaded with detail.


He might look enraged to you, but as Dire Trolls go, this expression is actually only mildly irritated. It’s also the face they make when they’re amused, happy, tired, bashful, or contemplative.

Here’s one of those huge fists.

And this is the other half of the duo: Smigs.

And the rest of the bits.

I don’t even have to assemble him for you to see just how massive he is.

And the hands are even bigger.

~That’s it for July unboxings. I’ve got something special planned for Reznik, so keep your eyes out for what will hopefully be a very enjoyable painting article for him.

Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
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