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WHERE DO I START? – A Beginners Guide Part 5

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Jul 26 2014
K9Monkey back with part 5 of joining the tabletop gaming world.  Today we tackle ‘When to look at another game’.

Here is where we are in the article timeline (links to previous articles):

1.  How to get into the hobby.

2.  How to pick a game.
3.  How to pick an army.
4.  How to keep it fun and fresh.
5.  When to look at another game.
6.  Other gaming ideas.

After assembling, painting and learning your first game, you will no doubt be playing with friends and local store visitors as often as you can.  So when does it make sense to start looking for another game to add to your collection.  Here are some situations which might warrant a change of games:

1.  You have completely mastered the game you are playing.  If you are able to beat anyone, anytime, without breaking a sweat…it might be time to pick up another game.

2.  You can never win, never have won, and after years of playing still don’t understand the rules…it might be time to pick up another game.

3.  Your grandmother sent you $100 for your birthday, and you don’t need any new underwear…it might be time to pick up another game.

4.  Your friends all went out and bought a new game…it might be time to pick up another game (or get new friends).


5.  You see the most amazing model as part of a game and must paint it or you think you will die…it might be time to pick up another game.

6.  There is a really, really hot guy/girl playing a different game than you are and think by playing the game they are, you might have a chance of “meeting” them…it might be time to pick up another game.

7.  Your significant other asks to play the game you are playing, just so they can be around you 24/7 at home and the gaming store…it might be time to pick up another game.

Okay so some of those are just plain silly; however there really isn’t a single reason to start looking at new games.  In my opinion, the biggest reason to check out a new option is because you want to do so.  When you see something you think looks really cool and fun, or if there is a new group starting up and you would like to take part in it. GO FOR IT!

I would not suggest chasing the latest and greatest.  You will end up spread too thin across so many options, and very light in the wallet.  Additionally, the time commitment for each game can wear on you and before you know it, you won’t be playing any games.  If you do branch out, there are a couple of good ways to do so.


A.  Ask your friends/gaming mates what other games they are or would like to play.  Having someone to play against is a key point to moving to a new game.  Remember if you don’t have anyone to play with, you are just collecting models (not that there is anything wrong with that).

B.  Look at Kickstarter campaigns where you know others who are backers (or can convince others to back).  This is usually a great way to get a lot for your money and know people are going to play before you buy in to the game.

C.  Check the scheduled events in your area.  If the game stores are running events in a game you don’t play, it is a good way to know you will have people to play against.

There you have it, the silly, the serious, the scoop.  Hopefully you find many games and opponents to enjoy playing in your gaming career.

What triggers you to look at a new game?  How many games are you actively modeling or playing now?

Next up – Other gaming ideas. 

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Author: K9 Monkey
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