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Goreshade Resculpt Rolls the Dice!

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Aug 4 2014
by Revenanttx
He’s back.  Goreshade has been around for years and so was that model.  Goreshade da Bastard  is pimping a brand new look and his ghost chick is too. 
This is a really cool rescuplt and was excited to get my hands on it.  From what I have seen people either love the dice or hate the dice.  For some the dice in his hand is a little cheesy.  All I know is those dice probably roll better than mine lately J
Let’s dust off G1’s rules.  Free unit of banes in your face.  While it is not 10 models like EGatsby  feat , it still can be really punishing.  There is not to many colossal/gargantuan that want to take 6 banes to the face.   If you can engineer a knockdown, not to many casters want those guys around them either!  Something I think some cryx players don’t take advantage of is Shadowmancer.  I think that is a great battle group spell.  I can’t tell you how many times shadowpact Kaya or Lylth has caused me issues.  I can’t see how it can’t be just as annoying in Cryx. 
Mageblight is a pretty cool spell that cost a lot of focus.  Unfortunately you can still arc spells so there is ways around it.  However, units with spells like Circle’s druids will not be very happy to hear that spell cast.  Hex blast is great.  Cryx doesn’t have to much removal and things like polarity shield house guard halberdiers can be a big issue to deal with.  Throw a hex blast there way and charge away!  Soulgate is a great way to hit and run with your jacks.  Nightmare charges in and does a bunch of damage than teleport his butt back at the cost of a scrap thrall to relative safety.
Deathwalker:  She has to stay close to Goreshade but, she be a real pain.  Cryx infantry without buffs will have a hard time hitting some models.  Deathwalker can fix that problem with her nasty defense lowering aura.  Warbeast hit noticeably pillow fisted around her making the lower armor cryx jacks a little more survivable.   
I think a bunch of bunch of banes with 2 or 3 heavies would make a decent goreshade list that will be refreshing to play vs some of the standard cryx incarnations.
How do I kill this bastard?
Goreshade has to make a decent decision to use his spells, give out focus to his battle group, or camp.  If he is doing the first two you can probably clean him up with most normal assassination methods.  If he is camping, it is probably better to kill his army.  Things like banshees, temporal barrier, and other charge denying abilities can really take the bite out of his feat. 

So BOLS what do you guys think of Goreshade and his chick?  Would you run him with a bunch of warjacks?  If you’re in or around Texas and looking for some warmachine action, check out Coal and Claw and Clash for a Cure.  Follow me on twitter for random gaming thoughts at :

Author: Revenant
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