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The Hobbit Tutorials: How to Paint The Hobbit Miniatures Series

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Aug 26 2014

Garfy kindly shares a whopping 24 high quality photo painting tutorials for the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game.

I’m a huge fan of this range of models. I’ve been creating these tutorials since the The Hobbit boxed game was released because there wasn’t the support for the range. It’s been a labour of love, but the feedback has been incredible and kept me going.  Browse all the minis and check out the detailed tutorials on any on the ones you fancy.
Bilbo Baggins tutorial link.
Gandalf the Grey tutorial link
Radaghast the Brown tutorial link
Dwalin tutorial link
Balin tutorial link
Gloin tutorial link
Oin tutorial link
Ori tutorial link
Nori tutorial link
Dori tutorial link 
Kili tutorial link
Fili tutorial link
Bofur tutorial link

Bifur tutorial link
Bombur tutorial link

Great Eagle tutorial
Grim Hammer tutorial
Mirkwood Ranger tutorial
Troll tutorial
Fell Warg tutorial
Hunter Orc tutorial

Do you play this game? Which is your favourite character from the movies? Are you looking forward to the third film?


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Author: Garfy
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