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Warhammer Fantasy – The End Times – Week 1

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Aug 15 2014

On the heels of Grey Knights will come a 2-3 week Warhammer Fantasy window starting with these kits:

We’ve been told the Fantasy window starring Nagash will open with the following pair of kits:

Tomb Kings – Colossus plastic kit

Warriors of Chaos: Chosen plastic kit

These rumors are rated reliable, coming from known good sources.

It would not be a surprise to see the “Colossus” show up as a Necrolith Colossus/Hierotitan combo-kit; an upright walking counterpart to the Necroshpinx/Warsphinx kit. If you recall, we have had intermittent rumors of “Chaos Chosen” all this year and while most assumed it was a 40K CSM kit, it may have been early sketchy reports of this Warriors of Chaos kit.

~ Get ready for the burning sands of Khemri stir…  


Author: Larry Vela
  • The End Times Come for Warhammer Fantasy!