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Warmachine: Mastering Imperatus

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Aug 20 2014

An Unkillable, Remorseless Killing Machine.  Here’s how to get the most out of Ios’ dual wielding killer.

Guest Article by JohnheV 

Imperatus is quite possibly the most difficult single model to remove in the game. Complemented by his high damage output, Imperatus truly is a fearsome model to put on the table.



Field Dependent: A requirement of all Shyeel jacks, He loses Phoenix Field, and Halation Cannon when his Field Generator system is out.

Phoenix Field: This ability is not a new ability, his cousin the phoenix has it, as well as the Aspis it allows him to regenerate some of his lost force field.

Phoenix Protocol: Phoenix Protocol is the most defining ability that was given to Imperatus and is 100% unique to him. This ability allows him to be one of the most, if not the most survivable jacks now in the game. It is hard to perdict how much added benefit you can get from this ability because timing of the attack from your opponent matters. If they happen to leave you at one health box on an attack, all the damage they would do over your armor on the next swing is just wasted overkill. When the last box is marked he is able to gain one box in every system in addition to his entire shield. That equates to an extra 17 boxes for your opponent to have to chew through! An added benefit to an already great ability is that you can also preform it at will during your maintenance phase so if you really need him fully operational you can.

Side Step: This allows him to be like Mollik Karn . He can charge fairly far and with all the movement and placement effects Retribution has at their fingertips he can get to some extremely advantageous positions on the field to allow you to win your game.

Special Issue [Vyros]: He can be put into any of Vyros’s lists and be bonded by him. (Bonding is only allowable if you are playing a league or scenario that allows bonding on the current incarnations of Vyros since he has no bond printed on the card.)


Flame Burst (Halation Cannon): When a model is obliterated by his Halation Cannon (gun) it sets everything on fire in a small radius of the dispatched model.

Tactics with Casters:

Listed in order of my preference, casters with Imperatus:

Issyria: All of her spells line up well for Imperatus; Iron Resolve and Admonition greatly help his already high survivability, and Crusader’s Call augments threat range to 13” on a charge. Issyria feat also helps him hit and increases his damage output.

eVyros: Synergy is absolutely amazing with any heavy and Imperatus’ side step allows him to get in situations your opponent might anticipate. The only question here is if you think he is worth losing 3 griffons for.

pVyros: I haven’t personally played any lists with Imperatus and original Vyros, but I can see his applications here. Iron Resolve again helps out greatly with his survivability, Hallowed Avenger may have some applications although I think that spell can also be a trap as it can put you out of position. Mobility is amazing though. Vyros’ feat also works very well with Imperatus and with poor placement by your opponent could allow you to deliver a full focused Imperatus on their caster with some clever sidesteps.

Ossyan: I have had some fun placing quicken on Imperatus to give him the extra movement but typically like that spell better on my halbs, as is the case with Issyria, Admonition is extremely useful for keeping him alive.

~How has Imperatus been working for you?


Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
  • Warmachine: Unboxing the Junior Warcasters