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WARMACHINE: Trollkin Sorcerer aka 1 Point Badarse!

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Aug 10 2014
Hey BOLS community.  If you haven’t heard, the trollkin sorcerer has recently been released.  He is a 1 point solo with some unique BADASS abilities.

Similar to the Ogrun Bokur client ability, he chooses a unit to assist in game called his adjunct.  This is important because he can only use his abilities on this adjunct unit.  The reason you might want to include this exciting solo in your trollblood army is the ability to remove enemy upkeeps on your unit.  Nothing can be more disheartening when you go up against a cryx army and your units are neutered to uselessness or there armor is lowered to peon levels.  Besides Pdoomshaper; trolls really don’t have any spell removal.  No epic Eryiss running around for the blue brothers. 

For the games where your trollkin warders are not besieged by enemy spells, the sorcerer has some other useful abilities.  Winter Storm removes Eyeless sight, Flight, and most importantly Pathfinder.  You can do some really nasty tricks with a Gunbjorn or Janissa wall and this ability.  Throw the wall in front of some infantry that wants to charge, and move this guy up into winter storm range.  With no Pathfinder the infantry can’t charge keeping heavies and tough infantry relatively safe.  The sorcerer is also armed with a magic attack and a magic axe.  Always nice to have some magic attacks for ethereal models. 
Going against a sorcerer is not overly daunting. He can only use his upkeep removal on the unit it adjuncts.  Either try to destroy him before he can use his ability or consider another target for your  offensive upkeeps.  He is on Fennblade level of toughness to kill.  2 or 3 ranged attacks or 2 melee attacks have a pretty good chance of dropping him barring some lucky tough rolls.

So BOLS what do you guys think of the trollkin sorcerer. Is he an auto include in your cryx drops? Do you think he will see the field often? If you’re in or around Texas and looking for some warmachine action, check out Coal and Claw and Clash for a Cure. Follow me on twitter for random gaming thoughts at :

Author: Revenant
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